About Us: What Is the Little Rock Animal Village?

Little Rock Animal Village (LRAV) encompasses and houses Little Rock Animal Services. But the “Village” is more than Animal Services, and it’s more than a shelter.

The “Village” houses a learning center for volunteers, adopters and the general public — with regularly scheduled classes and a classroom inside the facility to not only promote animal welfare but public safety with issues of animals.  The “Village” has a fully-staffed veterinary clinic that cares for LRAV animals and hosts CARE for Animals and FURR low-cost spay/neuter veterinary services to those who may otherwise not be able to afford it. The “Village” also has an adoption center, a large three-pen dog play yard, and a public dog park.

The “Village” is also an incredible army of dedicated staff, volunteers and fosterers who share a common goal of SAVING animals’ lives and facilitating as many ADOPTIONS as humanly possible. We constantly look for ways to improve and to build awareness about LRAV. Construction of the “Village”, its programs, promotions and events were all put in place to serve the purposes of increasing adoptions of healthy well adjusted animals and create better lives for the animals in our community while promoting public safety.

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Built with 2006 bond funds, this facility replaced the crowded, old former facility. Bright, light, with separate areas for dogs and cats, the focus is to humanely deal with strays and encourage adoption.

Our staff, volunteers and fosterers are passionate about a common goal - to SAVE animals' lives and facilitate as many ADOPTIONS as possible. We constantly look for ways to accommodate more animals, improve our processes, and build public awareness about LRAV that will increase adoptions and make better lives for the animals.

Please remember, Little Rock Animal Services euthanizes animals based on temperament, health, and available space. If there is enough room, animals are not put down. We try our best to care for and accommodate every adoptable animal, even housing 2-3 animals per kennel when possible.

Hours of Operation

Little Rock Animal Village is open Tuesday-Saturday from 10:00am - 5:00pm (Closed Sunday & Monday).  If you know the name or ID of a specific animal, staff can assist you at 8am.  The shelter is located at 4500 S. Kramer Street in Little Rock. Click here to find us.

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