Volunteering at the Little Rock Animal Village is a great way to show our wonderful animals how much you care.  Our volunteers provide countless hours of service at the Little Rock Animal Village – hours that lead to more adoptable animals, more animals sent on the Rescue Waggin’, and more opportunities for the community to know how special our animals are.  Below you will find information on our Volunteer Training Program, age requirements for volunteers, how to sign up for our distribution list and important information for volunteers.

Volunteer Training Program
Your first step toward becoming a volunteer at Little Rock’s premiere animal shelter is to attend the first volunteer training class, Red Level 1.  Our volunteer training program is a color-coded program that helps the staff and other volunteers identify which tasks you have been trained to complete.  

Our training sessions are scheduled for the second Saturday of each month.  The training schedule for each month is determined closer to the training date.  You can check back here or sign up for our distribution list to get the most up-to-date information.  If you can’t make it to a training right away, don’t worry – you can still volunteer.

When you volunteer before attending the Red Level 1 training, you will be limited in the tasks you can take on.  You will be able to walk adult dogs in our first row and you can play with the adult cats in the first cat room.  

After completing the Red Level 1 Training you can now work with the same animals as before, but can now handle the adult dogs in the second dog row and the adult cats in our second room.  To move to the next level, Blue Level 2, you need to complete 20 hours of service.  Hours of service include hours spent at the Animal Village, hours spent at Petsmart with the Kitty Krew, and 20 hours for each dog or cat you foster.   

Once you complete our Red Level 1 Training, you are now eligible to complete our Dog Handling Class, which will allow you to take dogs into the play yards at the Animal Village.  Our Dog Handling Class is generally held immediately after the Red Level 1 Training.  This gives you an opportunity to practice the skills you learned in the Red Class before introducing dogs to one another in an open area.  

Upon completion of the Red Level 1 class, and the requisite 20 hours, you are eligible to attend the Blue Level 2 class.  In the Blue Class, you will learn how to give dogs baths, clean kennels, clean litter boxes, do laundry and other important jobs at the Animal Village.  To move to the next level, Green Level 3, you need to complete an additional 20 hours of service.

After the Blue Level 2, and required hours, you can attend the Green Level 3 Training.  Our Green Level 3 Class focuses on Customer Service, both at the Animal Village and off-site with our Mobile Adoption Unit.  There are few things more rewarding than helping someone find their new best friend!

Once you have completed the Green Level 3 Training, there is still one more milestone you can achieve.  Our final volunteer level, Purple, is made up of our Petsmart Charities Rescue Waggin’ Behavior Assessors and volunteers who have completed more than 1,000 hours of service.  To become a Purple Level volunteer, you can either commit to becoming a Petsmart Charities Rescue Waggin’ Beahvior Assessor by attending certification training in Colorado, and meeting all the requirements set out by Petsmart Charities, or, you can complete over 1,000 hours of documented service.  

Age Requirements
All volunteers under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times.  

Volunteer Distribution List
Interested in becoming a volunteer?  Get on our distribution list to get the most up-to-date information about what’s happening at the Animal Village.  Email Jayme at lrasvolunteers@gmail.com to get on our distribution list.  Don’t worry – we keep your information private.

Important Information (this will be the reminders from the Updates)
Every spring, the Little Rock Animal Village sees an increase in the amount of puppies and kittens who enter the facility.  In an effort to prevent the spread of disease to these susceptible babies, we ask that volunteers refrain from handling puppies and kittens unless you have attended the Red Level 1, Blue Level 2, and Puppy/Kitten Class.  The Puppy/Kitten class will be held once or twice each spring.

Walk-in volunteers are also welcome.  Fill out the Volunteer Application and bring it with you. 

Kitty Krew Volunteers at Petsmart

Our cats are now being displayed at the Petsmart in West Little Rock in an effort to get more of them adopted.  In order for us to keep our cats there, we need volunteers to stop by daily to tiddy up the cages.  If you would be interested in volunteering with the newly formed Kitty Krew, please contact Debbie Heller at  debbie.jonunderhill@comcast.net

Come visit our beautiful new facility and learn how you can start helping today! Use the emails listed above to request more information.

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