New News
1. Fosters Needed - Can you open up your home to a puppy for a week or two? Or maybe a dog or cat for a short period of time (a few days or longer)?  If so, consider fostering one of our animals.  Fostering saves lives and helps our dogs and cats get used to being in a home environment and interacting with people, which makes them even more adoptable.  If dogs are your thing, contact Tracy Roark at  More of a cat person?  Let Debbie know at

2.  Cats Night Out at the Village - The cats will rule the roost at the Village on the first and third Thursdays of each Month from 5-7pm.  We will let them out to stretch their legs and get to know you. It will be the time for you to come see all our adult cats out and hopefully find that one that fits. That's not all! On these special nights the adult cats (over one year) will be free for adoption. The spay/neuter, shots and microchipping will all be taken care of for you. 

3.  We Welcome Volunteers - At LRAV, volunteers are an essential component in our goal to save animals' lives and facilitating as many adoptions as possible.  We would love to have you join in this goal!  Just volunteering for a few hours would make such a difference in an animal's life.   Walk-in volunteers are welcome and you are encouraged to attend the Volunteer Training Classes which are held the second Saturday of each month.   If you are interested in attending, please email   

4.  Rescue Waggin' - PetSmart Charities and the Little Rock Animal Village are saving lives through the Rescue Waggin' program.  We have transported more than 1,000 dogs since we joined this wonderful program.   Fostering is such a vital component of this program.  If we had more foster homes, we could save even more!  Please think about fostering short term (a few days to 2 weeks) for Rescue Waggin' dogs.

5. Kitty Krew - Are you a cat fan who can't make it out to the Animal Village to volunteer but you want to help?  Contact Debbie Heller at and she will put you to work!  As a reminder, if you sign up for the Kitty Krew you would work once a week at the Petsmart on Chenal Parkway.  The time of day is flexible and duties will take from an hour to 3 hours depending on how many people come into the adoption center and want to see the cats and/or talk.  

Our responsibility is to maintain the cages and socialize the cats.  Training is provided.  The Kitty Krew does an amazing job taking care of the cats - be part of something great! 

6. Birthday Parties - Do you have a birthday soon?  Looking for a venue?  Consider the Animal Village!  If you are interested in booking the AnimalVillage for your next party, please contact Joan Adcock at 

At LRAV, we strive to make good matches between people and animals and to place pets in lifelong homes. We provide adoption counseling and followup assistance, medical services, and behavior counseling. Or, we can refer you to providers of these services. In addition, LRAV has a full time veterinarian on staff to ensure that our animals are healthy! Walk-in volunteers are welcome. Come adopt your new best friend today!


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