Adoption Procedures

When you are ready to adopt, the LRAV policy is first come - first serve. You cannot reserve an animal for adoption. The animals can be adopted at 8:00 a.m. on their available date.   If you like, you can print off the Adoption Application and bring it with you.   Adoption applications via fax, will not be reviewed until 10:00 a.m. on the animal's available date.  

Be sure to have the ID number so LRAV will know what animals you are referring to. When considering an animal for adoption, take him or her out of the kennel area. For dogs, you may take them to our outside enclosure. Please be aware that when they are comfortable in a home, they will relax, and their personality will be different than in the shelter. If you'd like to see how your own pet(s) will interact with an LRAV animal, we have separate inside and outside enclosures that you may use to introduce them. 

It is a state law that an animal can not leave a shelter until sterilized (Arkansas Code 20-19-103 I (1). For animals needing sterilization, they will be altered at the next available time by the LRAV veterinarian.

Fees for Adoption

Adoption Fee: $90         

Veterinary services included for Dogs: First exam, Worm check, Worming (if necessary), First vaccinations, Rabies inoculation (city license purchase is not included), First antibiotics, Spay or Neuter, Heartworm check 

Veterinary services included for Cats: First exam, Worm check, Worming (if necessary), First Vaccinations, Rabies Inoculation (city license purchase is not included), First antibiotics, Spay or neuter, Feline leukemia exam, Feline FIV (older cats) 

Out-of-Area Adoption & Rescue Procedures

If you are unable to come to the Animal Village to adopt and would need help with transport, you must go through a local rescue group.  One of the following local rescue groups would be happy to try to assist you. Please don't forget to provide the LRAV animal ID number.

Last Chance for Arkansas Animals
Email Last Chance Arkansas
Dogs Only
Email Dogs Only
Out of the Woods
Email Out of the Woods

All About Labs

Email All About Labs

Feline Rescue & Rehome

Email FURR

Animal Rescue Fund Arkansas

Email Animal Rescue Fund Arkansas


Email CARE

The cost to adopt an animal from LRAV involves the vetting fees, boarding costs (sometimes free fosters are available, or reduced rate boarding), and transportation. The transportation cost depends on where you are located, and can involve a volunteer ground transport, paid ground transport (usually around $125 to the NE US), or air transportation (ask the rescue group that is assisting you for details, but this may be in the range of ~$125 and up). 

If you are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, you may be able to rescue animals directly from LRAV. 

The LRAV requirements are:
Provide LRAV with proof of your organization's 501(c)(3) status.
Provide LRAV with a copy of your organization's mission statement (which states your organization's purpose to rescue animals).
You must have a local representative (in Pulaski County, Arkansas). 

If you do 
not meet these requirements, contact one of the local rescue groups to assist you.

Please don't forget to provide the LRAV animal ID number. 

Note that for rescue groups as well as adopters all animals must be sterilized. There are no exceptions. When Little Rock Animal Services is contacted for rescue, the animal will be schedule for sterilization. The animal can be picked up between 4:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. the date of the sterilization. If a waiver is given the animal must remain in Pulaski County until it is sterilized. Waivers follow the same process, and a vet appointment will be scheduled upon contact from the rescue. A date will be given to return the animal to the Little Rock Animal Village for sterilization.