Submitting Work

Do you have some coursework that you need to submit to me?
There are a number of different ways you can submit it to me...please follow one of the steps below to do so!

  1. Submit an Original File through “Send To My Cloud”
    • NOTE: The maximum file size accepted with this tool is 20 MB.
    • If you are submitting this for your Human Anatomy and Physiology genetic disorder paper, make sure you are submitting a PDF file, not a MS Office or Google Doc.  Also, make sure it is anonymous!
    • Follow this link to upload your file to my Google Drive account
  2. Upload and Share It with Me on Google Drive
    • Please make sure the share settings are set to "public" and use my school email ( as the share recipient
    • Please note: If you have special fonts or odd formatting that you will want to make sure to NOT allow Google to convert your file into a Google Doc format because the organization may change
  3. Email it Directly to Me via Email