Students: Elem students use your first name as your login and your last name as your password for Destiny discover E-books. Intermediate, middle, and high school students, use your network login and password.
Staff: Use network login and password for Overdrive, network login and the password provided by the LMC for Destiny Discover.
Flex - Use your login without the numbers. Ask Mrs. McDermot for the password.

Ideally, we'd like them trimmed (saves postage), check the expiration date, and count them into zip lock bags in groups of 50.  Coupons that are worth more than one label have to be grouped separately.  Write 50 on a bag that is trimmed, checked, and sorted.  If you don't have time to do this, we'll take the labels any way you can send them!  Sometimes students need to work off the cost of a lost book and this is one of the tasks available to them. 

(Alternatively, you can email your phone files to your school email address)

Use your network login and password to get in.  Don't include  You can download the Safari Montage player, or use Windows Media Player to view the videos. Your computer must have Quicktime installed. 

OR - COPY this link and paste it into Internet Explorer:

To get your playlists back, log in and click on the Playlists tab.  You have to start playing each of your playlists playing to get it back on your dashboard.

COPY this link and paste it into Internet Explorer:

Wisconsin Media Lab - FREE streaming video of programs broadcast on Wisconsin Educational Television on channel PBS.
If this link doesn't work for you (you'll get a message that they aren't sure you live in WI,) go to Click on Educators.  Way on the right side of the page, choose "I want to find...." and pull down the menu to "Multimedia."  Then scroll waaaaaaay down to Wisconsin Media Lab and click on it. That "authenticates" you (proves you are in WI.)

Little Chute Area School District has a yearly license with Movie Licensing USA.  You can view the terms of the license HERE. The license can be viewed in each LMC in the back room.

Contact Me:    

920-788-7607, extension 8113

If I don't get back to you, please try again. I watch our spam filters, but sometimes e-mails just don't get through. 

Usual Hours, though they flex...   Mondays at Elementary School.  T, W, Th, Fri:  Mornings at MS, Afternoons at HS

Judy Stangel
Library Media Director
Little Chute Area School District

YouTube Video Editor - If the link doesn't work, try logging into your gmail, then go to and create a Youtube channel linked to your school account.

Youtube Video Editor Instructions


We Video allows 5 minutes of video o be stored (this includes all your clips + your finished project.) They also stamp WeVideo on your finished project. If you need more space, or don't wish to have the stamp, there is Adobe Premier video editing software in the art lab. See one of the art teachers for assistance.

Students: Use network login and password for both Destiny Discover eE-books and Overdrive. 
Staff: Use network login and password for Overdrive, network login and the password provided by the LMC for Destiny Discover. Note - First letter of the password is CAPITAL.

NOTE: Students are not allowed to download apps on the guest wireless network at school.  Unless you have your own internet access (phone service?) it is best to download any apps you need:
Destiny Discover, or Overdrive, or Capti Narrator (for Bookshare) from home. Once the necessary app is installed on your device, we can help to load the books.

Destiny Discover app is needed to download the Destiny e-books:
You can use your network login and password. After checking out the book you want, click into the book and click the cloud with the arrow from the menu at the top of the page to download your book to your device. Now you should be able to read it even without internet access.

If needed -- here are our codes:

Elementary School:    wbb44229

Middle School:   wbb02233   (that's a zero, not a letter O)

High School:  wbb00862   (two zeroes)

Ipods have the Overdrive app installed (Nov. 2015). Once in the Overdrive app – choose staff or student (You have to use the scroll at the bottom, the first option is staff and the second is student – these are off the screen so you can’t differentiate!)  

Then login with network username or password.

Library Card Number:  Type in your network user name

PIN:  Type in your network password

Choose to stay logged in on this device. 

Click on book.

Click Borrow.

Go To checkouts 

Click on book again 

Choose Download or “Add to App”

 Choose the three lines in the upper left hand corner and then choose Files

Make certain the file downloaded.

Use THIS form to ask us to purchase materials we don't already own...


HS LMC Schedule

Power Searching Info Graphic  
Power Searching in Google:  An InfoGraphic - click on the Google link above

Tutorial - How to Use Badgerlink to Access EBSCO Periodicals:

Note: Google Chrome browser works better when accessing Badgerlink than Internet Explorer

Login:  lcasd   Password:  nie

Works Cited Lists:  Our high school English teachers ask that you use MLA format when writing citations. Science teacher mostly require APA format. Other subject-area teachers might have a different format requirement. 

Easiest Citation Writer Ever - Cite This For Me

On our Y Drive - Go to the Royalty Free Music folder to find music, introductions, zingers, and sound effects.