Scholarship Name General Info      Amount Due Date
 Engineers Foundation of Wisconsin     Minimum GPA - 3.0
  Minimum ACT - 24
  Must enroll in an ABET accredited program leading to a bachelor degree in   engineering and plan to enter the engineering profession
 See Website   View
 11 scholarships - $2000 each 12/18/17
 Rove Pest Control Scholarship Special consideration for students pursuing a degree in entomology or related field
  Minimum GPA - 3.0
  See Website   View
 $500 12/21/17
 ACT Student Champions Student who is tenacious and persistent, no matter the challenge
  Minimum ACT - 22
  Minimum GPA - 3.0
  See Website   View
 $500 12/31/17
 Big Heart Award Students who have a passion to help kids with cancer
  See Website  View
 $1000     1/31/18
 Trytten Scholarship in Chemistry     Attending UW-Stevens Point
 Plan to major in  Chemistry
 Minimum GPA - 3.5
 See Website   View
 $4000 1/31/18
  College Raptor Scholarship  Conduct a college search on
   Academic achievements and Essay
  See Website   View
 $2500 1/31/18
 Fox Valley Area Labor Council
Wisconsin Labor History Essay Contest
 Essay on why unions are important to your family and community.  
  Information available in Student Services.
 $100 - $500 2/15/18
 Delta Theta Sigma Scholarships Male or Female students attending either UW-Madison or Madison Area Technical   College
  See Website   View
 $1000   (Up to 10 awarded)
 $500 (Up to 2 awarded)
 Parentinn - Cyberbully Prevention for    Teens Scholarship Essay on Why & How to Stop Cyber-Bullying
    See Website  View
 $1250 2/28/18
  Outagamie Extension  Home and   Community Education Scholarship Relative of a member of the  Outagamie Extension Association of Home and  Community Education  OR
 Outagamie County 4-H member
 Minimum GPA - 3.0
 Applications available in Student Services
 $750 3/1/18
 Fox Valley Technical College     Scholarships Over 20 different scholarships available
   See Website  View
 $450 - $1000 3/1/18
 Outagamie County Retired Education Association Scholarship Resident of Outagamie County, attending an Outagamie County public school
 Pursuing the field of education
 Information available in Student Services
 $500 3/1/18
 Ellington Mutual Insurance Scholarship         Parents must be Ellington Mutual Insurance policyholders
      See Website    View
 $500 3/1/18
 Delores Pemma Scholarship  
 (Forest County Potawatomi)  
 Attending a Wisconsin technical school
 Minimum GPA 2.25
  Application available on website   View
($2500/yr for 2 years)
 Lois Crowe Scholarship
(Forest County Potawatomi)
 Attending a Wisconsin College or University
  Minimum GPA 2.5
  Scholastic achievement, extracurricular activities, community service
  Application available on website  View
($2500/yr for 4 years)

 Vietnam Veterans of America Dependent, relative or acquaintance of any US Vietnam era veteran - must submit   an essay based on an interview with the veteran (if you do not know a veteran, they     will help you find someone to interview)
 See Website  View
  (4 available)  
 C & R Musky Club Scholarship Planning to major in Natural Resources or other field related to environmental studies
 Information available in Student Services
 $500 4/3/18
 Ab Nicholas Scholarship Basketball participant during senior year (player or manager)
 Planning to attend a University of Wisconsin System School
 Applications open on 2/1/18
 See Website  View
 $10,000/yr for 4-yr  programs
 $5,000/yr for 2-yr programs
 B. Davis Scholarship Essay on Characteristics of Leadership
  See Website   View
 $1000 5/22/18
 Hammett, Bellin & Oswald Law & Justice Scholarship Attending a Wisconsin College or University
 Minimum GPA 3.0
 See Website   View
 $750 5/31/18
 College XPress This is an on-line listing of many scholarships 
 Various qualifications and requirements
  See Website  View
 Varied Varied
 UMOS National Farmworkers  Provides funding for short-term vocational training.                                     Qualifications:  Done Farm work in the last two years; family at or below federal      poverty level                                                                                                                    See info in Student ServicesUp to $4000Ongoing

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