Live at the EBLS Auditorium May 22-23!

Rehearsal Schedule:
(Beyond the next week is tentative and subject to change!)
Tuesday 28:     "I Know it's Today" & "Travel Song"
                        All 3 Fionas, Shrek, Donkey
Thursday 30: "Forever" & "This is How a Dream Comes True"
                        Fiona, Shrek, Donkey, Dragon, Knights
Tuesday 11: "Morning Person"& Vocal Practice
                        Fiona, Shrek, Donkey, Dragon, Knights, Woodland Creatures
Thursday 13: Run-Through
Tuesday 18: "I think I Got you Beat" & "Make a Move"
                        Fiona, Shrek, Donkey, Woodland Creatures, Storytellers
Thursday 20: Scene 11: "Morning Person Reprise" & "Freak Flag"
                        Fiona, Shrek, Donkey, Farquaad, Fairy Tale Creatures, Dulocians, Storytellers
Tuesday 25:    Scene 12: "Big Bright Beautiful World (Reprise"
Thursday 27: Finale
Tuesday 2:    ALL
Thursday 4:    ALL
Tuesday 9:    ALL
Thursday 11:    ALL
Tuesday 16:    ALL
Thursday 18:    ALL
Friday 19: Dress Rehearsal (Possibly during the day!)
Monday 22: Performance (9:00 & 6:00)
Tuesday 23: Performance (6:00)
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