Little Dixie

Regional Libraries

 2012 Annual Report



Preserving our heritage, preparing our future

Little Dixie Regional Libraries exists primarily to meet the informational 
and learning needs of all residents within its service area.  
The role of the library is to provide  access to and actively promote public 
awareness and usage of materials and service to meet these needs, 
as well as to preserve the cultural and  intellectual heritage of the service area.

Little Dixie Regional Libraries Staff

Karen Hayden, Director

Moberly Library

Sheryl Morgan, Administrative Assistant
Susan Gully, Cataloging
Rachael Grime, Adult Services/YA    Librarian
Paula Hayslip, Children’s Librarian
Nola Goodrich, Circulation Supervisor
Kelly Garnet, IT and Computer Services
Michelle Wetzel, Reference Services
Pat Aurienne, Outreach and Reference Services
Jill Hughes, Information and Collection Development
Melissa Wetzel, Circulation Assistant
Ashlee Martin, Circulation Clerk
Emma Gilmour, Circulation Clerk
Micah Culbertson, Circulation Clerk

 Branch Library Staff

Huntsville Branch 
Lora Colley, Branch Manager
Patsy Boland, Branch Clerk

Madison Branch
Carol Kroekel, Branch Manager
Judy Adam

Paris Branch
Sue Mattingly, Branch Manager
Patty Sexton, Branch Clerk

Happenings in 2012


 2012 Highlights of  Little Dixie Regional Libraries

*Paris Library received a wonderful facelift with tuck-pointing, new ceiling, lighting, and painting in the children’s, check-out and foyer areas,  and work on the basement entrance.  

*”One Read” was held at all libraries.  Readers were encouraged to read Saving CeeCee Honeycutt by Beth Hoffman.  Several programs, book discussions were held to promote the One Read during March and April.

* A grant for six AWE Afterschool Edge Computers was given to LDRL.  The State Library awarded LDRL $12,873 to purchase the laptop computers which come pre-loaded with over 40 educational games for elementary age children.  

* The Friends of the Moberly Library held their annual meeting on April 24 with Dale Sosniecki speaking about “5 Dates in American Military History” and Lloyd Deirling speaking about paper money from the Civil War era.

*LDRL participated with Randolph County Caring Communities “Spice of Life” program by providing computer classes at the YMCA.  A spring and fall presentation was made.

* Chris Stuckenschneider, author of Twist & Shout visited the Moberly Library and presented a program, discussion, and book signing for adults and children

*  The Moberly Library participated in the free lunch program sponsored by Randolph County Caring Communities.  Between 30-65 meals were served daily during the summer months.

*  Friends of the Dulany Memorial Library, Paris was formed.

*  Successful summer program for adult, teens, and children were held at all branches.

* The Huntsville Library had painting and repair to the outside of building, including the awnings and foyer areas.

* A new van was purchased for making our branch deliveries and other duties.

*  Carolee Hazlet had a very successful book signing of her book Memories of the 4th Street


New in 2012

 Digital Media—E-Books and E Audiobooks

Both e-books and E audiobooks are newest way to access library materials on your own e-reader (Kindle, Android, Nook, Ipad, IPod, MP3 Player, smart phone or any digital device.  Digital materials are available in a wide variety of  reading interests and for all ages for free.

Playaway View

What is it?  It is an All-in-one video player.   It is a self-playing, pre-loaded, handheld  library exclusive video player with content for both children and adults.    The player includes charger for continued use.

AWE Afterschool Edge Computers

6 notebook sized computers were purchased with LSTA/Missouri State Library funds that are pre-loaded educational games for children ages 6-14.  Children may checkout the computer for use in the library.  Paris, Madison, and Huntsville each received one computer and Moberly received three.

Each library have computers that are specifically dedicated to children’s use.  The AWE Literacy Station and AWE Afterschool Edge computers are located at each branch.  These computers are loaded with over education learning games and activities.  All children are welcome to use the computers while are in the library.device there are book available.   Audiobooks are available for downloading onto you MP3 Player, IPod, computer or any listening device.   

 DREAM BIG” to “Own the Night” to  “Under the Covers”

The library system enjoyed a very busy  2012 summer with reading clubs for all ages.  The Children’s theme was “Dream Big”.  The Teen and Adult programs were Own the Night and Between the Covers respectively.  All readers enjoyed the programs and everyone received reading incentives for milestones reached.  An LSTA Grant from the Missouri State Library, area businesses and Friends of the Moberly Library          supported the programs.  

 One Read - Saving Cee Cee Honeycutt by Beth Hoffman

The Friends of the Moberly Library joined with the Library to promote a “One Read” program.  Friends of the Moberly Library purchased 30 copies of Saving Cee Cee Honeycutt and the book was read by the community during the months of March and April.  Several programs were dedicated to promoting this book in in the month of March over 200 individuals attended the variety of programs

Branch Libraries


Moberly Library

111 N. 4th St., Moberly, MO  65270-1577

(660)263-4426          (660)263-4024 (fax)

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday—9:00AM-8:00PM

Wednesday, Friday—9:00AM-6:00PM


Huntsville Library

102 E. Library Street, Huntsville, MO  65259-1125

(660)277-4518 (660)277-4333 (fax)


Tuesday, Thursday, Friday—12:00PM-5:00PM



 Madison Atterbury Memorial Library–

113 E. Broadway, Madison, MO 65263-0147

(660)291-3695       (660)291-8695 (fax)

Monday, Thursday, Friday—12:00PM-5:00PM




Paris Dulany Memorial Library

101 N. Main, Paris, MO  65275-1398

(660)327-4707 (660)327-4094 (fax)

Monday, Tuesday, Friday—12:00PM-5:00PM








Facts & Figures 2012

 Little Dixie Regional Libraries Board of Trustees

Linden Vanlandingham,             President
Marilyn Rasmussen,                    Vice-President
Sally Blakemore,                      Treasurer

Randolph County Board    
  Mary Antweiler, President
Marilyn Rasmussen, Vice-President
Robert Bauer, Treasurer
Roy Morales-Kuhn
Ron Self

Monroe County Board 

Mary Jane Havens, President
Janet Sears, Vice-President
Peggy Peck, Treasurer
Sally Blakemore
Linden Vanlandingham

 Looking at the Numbers

Items checked out in 2012

                                                Books                                      132,575
                                                Audiobooks                                 7,666
                                                DVDs and Videos                      37,868    
                                                Audio-Visual Equipme                    420
                                                Interlibrary Loan                             719
                                                Magazines                                   2,051
                                                Software                                         677
                                                Wii Games                                      622
                                                AWE Afterschool computers             96

Total Items Checked Out    182,795

Computers Checked Out     32,238

Items owned

Books                                    153,465
CDs                                           3,347
Cassettes                                     575
Playaways                                    383
DVDs                                         5,113
Videos                                       4,582
Magazines                               11,426
Audio Visual Equipment               125
AWE Afterschool computers            6
Computers for Public Use              56
Laptop Computers                         10
Other items                               1,453

Items at each branch

Moberly                                  113,304
Paris                                         26,436
Huntsville                                 21,622
Madison                                   19,179

E- Materials
Audiobooks                                3,006
E- books                                    5,949


Program Attendance

Number of programs - 256

                                                    Adults                                         4,043
                                                    Children, 0-5                              2,933
                                                    Children, 6-11                            1,129
                                                    Young Adults                                478

                                                     Total                                          8,573

 Budget 2012

Total Revenues       $1,201,379.36
Total Expenditures $1,208,458.78

Major Expenditures:

Maintenance           $ 124,414
Staffing                   $  580,167
Van replacement    $    14,000
Materials                 $  248,690
Computers              $    56,080

 Computer Services

All branches have computer labs with the following services:

Printers(b&w and color), Scanners, Internet access, Word Processing Programs, Online Reference Databases, Wireless WI/FI  Access, Library Catalog Searching, and other computer applications.

Dedicated Public Use Computers

Moberly - 17  

Huntsville - 6

Madison - 7  

Paris - 7  

24/7 Services

Visit the library from the comfort of your home or office with 24/7 services and all of the services are free.

What is available?

Library Catalog - view the library’s collection of materials, place requests, renew materials

Reference databases with remote access - Many of the online databases are available outside of the library on your home device or PC.  Magazine indexes, encyclopedias, address directories,         newspapers, health reference, repair manuals, learning a foreign language,  test-taking, learning basic math and  language skills, and genealogy databases.

E-Books for Reading and Listening - Both digital and audio-books are available for download.   If you like to read using your     Kindle, Nook, IPad, IPod, smartphone, android,  or any e-reading device materials are available.


Webpage—www. ldrl.org