GAIN Makes a Difference Through Global Technology Transfer

The mission of the Global Academic Innovation Network (GAIN) is to make connections for universities and businesses from around the world for collaboration, commercialization and economic development. GAIN members are encouraged to work together to achieve tangible solutions for global problems to advance the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, to help commercialize breakthrough technologies involving energy, the environment and communications, and to improve products used worldwide.

Let's solve a world problem through GAIN, improve existing technology, and increase world trade. Let's make a difference. Join the Global Academic Innovation Network group on LinkedIn to achieve tangible solutions for global problems involving medicine, energy, the environment and communications.

> Advance the diagnosis and treatment of diseases like diabetes

> Help commercialize breakthrough technologies

> Improve all kinds of products used worldwide

Online networking can connect people who can change the world. GAIN members are encouraged to do that one connection at a time. Join GAIN on LinkedIn and ResearchGate.

Global Academic Innovation Network group on
 Linked In

The Global Academic Innovation Network (GAIN) was started as an online group on LinkedIn in May 2009. It is known by the initials "GAIN" which represents the first letters of each word as well as the positive outcomes for which the group was formed to achieve.
GAIN members have a common interest in global technology development and commercialization. GAIN members are encouraged to share information and ideas, and seek help from each other about the following:  
         Opportunities for Collaboration  
         Policies and Procedures for Technology
         Development and Commercialization Programs 
         Best Practices for Global Technology Transfer 
         Strategies for Emerging Technologies 
         Upcoming Conferences and Training Opportunities