Daily Rhythm

Since ancient times the Jews and Christians have followed a religious calendar that highlights the sacredness of time.  Time is more than the passing of the seasons.  It’s a rhythm of life through which God’s revelation is made known through Holy Scripture and  it’s connection to specific times and places. 

A prayer book seeks to weave together sacred time with Scripture.  It provides language for the one praying that flows with the rhythm of the biblical story. 

The Psalms have been the prayers of the Jews and Christians from ancient times up to the present.  This prayer book attempts to connect relevant Psalms with Scripture readings specific to the church year.  The Psalms have some verses bolded to provide responsive readings if this book is being used in a group setting. 

The early Christians kept and expanded the Jewish tradition of having set times of prayer throughout the day.  The day itself, like the year, is also sacred time that reveals the presence of God at work within the world.  In keeping with the tradition of Scripture readings in a Daily Office the morning prayers have a gospel reading and the evening prayers have a New Testament reading. 

The prayer times end with a Canticle, which are portions of Scripture used as hymns in the early church.  The selection of Canticles for this prayer book are taken from the Book of Common Prayer. 

Finally, each prayer time ends with a Benediction, one for morning and one for evening.   The Benediction is taken from the eastern Orthodox tradition and is a translation done by New Skete monastery, which has provided contemporary translations of ancient Orthodox prayers. 

The Revised Common Lectionary readings for Sunday services are provided as well.  These Scripture readings can be read throughout the week.  However, this prayer book provides Scripture readings for each day that reflect the theme of the Revised Common Lectionary, but are not directly tied in to it.  There’s a daily selection of Scripture based upon the Book of Common Prayer, but modified to fit this prayer book.  After praying the day of prayer for each week the Gospel or New Testament Letter can be substituted with the Daily Scripture readings, which are designed to work together.  


 Seasons of the Year