What is a School Counselor?

My name is Rachel Caporuscio and I am the school counselor at Center School.  You might be wondering what a School Counselor does and how that can benefit your child. A School Counselor is a certified, master’s level counselor, who works in the school. I teach developmental guidance lessons to each grade level. This year the Litchfield School District has started using the Second Step program. This program focuses on the social emotional learning of all students. I work at Center School daily and am in the each grade level classroom twice per month. The four core units of the Second Step Program are skills for learning, empathy, emotion management and problem solving. 

I am also available to the students to discuss any issues that may arise that are bothersome to them: such as social/friend concerns, anxiety and other issues that may affect their day at school. I meet with students individually or in small groups. Often throughout the year, I will hold lunch bunches as a way for me to get to know the students and for them to build social skills.

My goal at Center School is to work with all students in promoting a safe school environment where everyone feels comfortable and safe, as well as building a                                                              positive self-image in each child.

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