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Reading & Writing

First Trimester
During the first trimester, our focus in Language Arts is on:
  • Launching Reader's and Writer's Workshop
  • Deriving Meaning Through Written Text and Oral Language  
In reading, students share their summer reading packets and discuss their strengths and weaknesses within reading.  Children are taught how to choose "just right" books that not only they can decode, but also that they can comprehend.  We use Post-It Notes to help us "stop and think" while we are reading.  These Post-It notes also help us as we discuss our books with partners.  We work on fluency and decoding before moving into oral comprehension and then written responses, which are a focus for third graders throughout the school year. 
In writing, students learn how to use a Writer's Notebook.  Students then choose an idea to take through the writing process using the genre of Personal Narrative.  

Second Trimester
During the second trimester, our focus in Language Arts is on:
  • Determining Importance in Texts
  • The Art of Information Writing
In reading, students continue to work with "just right" books in both fiction and nonfiction.  A big focus this trimester is on nonfiction, and we spend a lot of time learning to recognize and use the various text features and structures in nonfiction.  Children work on taking notes, asking questions, and having conversations about the books that they are reading.

In writing, students choose a topic that they considers themselves to be an "expert" in and teach their classmates about this topic through a written piece that mimics many of the texts we have immersed ourselves in during reading.  

Third Trimester
Coming Soon!
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