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The Reading Workshop Experience

    Welcome to Reading Workshop! Here you can experience the workshop through the eyes of our Kindergarteners, First, Second, and Third Graders.
    The workshop model is grounded in the belief that real readers do real reading work in real texts, thinking and talking about their characters and new learning. Here's how the workshop model runs:

I. 10-15 minute "Mini-Lesson" (This is where the teacher delivers explicit instruction about reading work.)
II. 20-40 minutes of "Independent Reading" (The length of time depends on the grade level, but here
                                                                                    students get to go off and curl up with the books in their book
                                                                                    buckets that are "Just Right" for them and their skills.)
III. 5-10 minutes of "Partner Reading" (This is where partners get to come together to discuss their books;
                                                                        themes, characters, new learning, predictions, etc. Partners coach
                                                                        each other to think stronger about their books and to push them to
                                                                        deepen their understandings.)
IV. 5 minutes of "Share" (The workshop closes with the class reconvening to talk about their new learning
                                              for the day and "how it went" for readers in the room.)

    You will find that the texts our students enjoy during Reading Workshop are leveled texts. This ensures that every student is finding success in reading texts that are "Just Right" for them; not too hard and not too easy, so that their reading skills can be sharpened and extended. When students work with their teachers, they experience texts that are often within the next level because they have the teacher's support in doing so successfully.
    Students are asked to bring home texts from their book buckets which are independent for them; familiar, accurate, and successful. This is by design! We want students to read and reread familiar texts so that they become "experts" at them, reading them accurately, quickly, smoothly, and with expression. Don't hesitate to contact your child's classroom teacher for more information about the books that your child is bringing home.    

    Please navigate the links below to visit the grade level(s) of your choice, learning about the different components of the Reading Workshop! You will also find a "Leveled Text Guide" written by the Reading Office staff, which is a valuable guide to what leveled texts are like.