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2017-18 LHS IB Application (Due April 30 of current school year)

Recent research on the performance of students in the IB Diploma Programme

By 2014, more than 1 million International Baccalaureate (IB) students 
will have participated in the IB Diploma Programme, and more than 
120,000 Diploma Programme students will be entering university 
each year. IB students represent a broad range of nationalities from 
nearly 140 countries and reflect diverse experiences and perspectives, 
which they apply to their learning in the Diploma Programme. These 
experiences, in combination with the emphasis on internationalmindedness and academic rigour of the Diploma Programme, provide 
students with a unique set of skills, attitudes and perspectives for success 
in university and life in the 21st century.

University Recognition of IB in U.S.

“Going to IB was one of the best decisions I’ve 
made in my life. ... In IB courses, the attitude is that 
the ‘sky is the limit’, and you are encouraged to go 
as far as you are willing to go.”

“We were trained to integrate knowledge and be selfmotivated, and both are very important for university 
learning. IB students are very well trained not only 
academically, but also as responsible and active citizens.” 

Susan Lin
2002 IB Diploma Programme graduate
Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School 
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada