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posted Jul 23, 2013, 4:50 PM by Nash Page

“Abruptly the poker of memory stirs the ashes of recollection and uncovers a forgotten ember, still smoldering down there, still hot, still glowing, still red as red."  - William Manchester

"A costume ball, really?" Ember asked her friend.
"Yes, Ember, a costume ball. We're supposed to go as Victorian vixens to a steampunk birthday party," her friend replied, continuing to apply mascara.
"Ah well, I wonder what I have that would fit the bill for that..." Ember said, digging through her closet.
"What about that high-neck thing that you found last week?"
"Oh, that's right!" Ember exclaimed, moving over to the newer clothes. An underbust corset, long sleeves and medium length skirt with varying degrees of dark red to ash, the outfit looked much like the embers of a fire.
"You know what they say, the embers are what bring the heat!" her friend jibed.
"Ah well, it could happen," Ember said, remembering her ex-boyfriend; the reason she tried not to go out much anymore.
"Alright, let's finish this up and make our way to the coffee shop," her friend said, finishing up her makeup.
The only steampunk coffee shop in town made allowances for a lot of events. Birthdays, weddings, conventions, dances, pretty much anything where groups of people in the community wanted an excuse to show their wares or wear their wares. Dance floor, coffee bar, wet bar, boutique and lounge area; the place could host quite a number of people with a variety of venues available.
A friend of Ember's decided he wanted to have a birthday party there, and they were kind enough to oblige him. Theirs was a group of people who were slightly off-kilter, but with shared insanities. Getting dressed up for fun being one of those, especially if they could pass for every-day clothing.
Ember and her friend walked in and were greeted with much jubilation. They were given drinks and coffee, to be mixed at their behest and wandered in to the lounge area showing off what they were wearing.
After a few minutes of pleasant conversation, her friend said quietly, "Oh god, don't look now, but guess who just wandered in..."
"Oh? Who?" Ember asked, a little worried.
"I think...yep, it's Him," she said, warningly.
"I was hoping he wouldn't show up to this," Ember said, dejectedly. "Knew we'd have to see each other sometime...even if I tried to hide in my apartment most of the time..."
Ember and her ex circled the party, like two celestial objects maintaining a constant distance amidst many other bodies. There was one point, however...
While getting a drink, Ember felt a brush against her shoulder as an arm reached for another drink. "Oops, sorry," said the owner of the arm as she scooted over.
"No pro..." she looked at the owner of the arm and realized it was her ex, "...blem."
"Oh...hello Ember...sorry, I didn't recognize you in...that," his eyes got a dreamy look when he fully took her in.
"Hi..." she was always annoyed at her lack of wit in situations like that. However, she always did like how she affected him.
"You're looking...well," he still had a dreamy look. It seemed his wit had failed him, a rarity.
Her drink finally arrived, and she shuffled out of the way of other thirsty patrons. He followed, slightly awkwardly, but he seemed to want to talk with her, "I didn't think this type of thing was your scene, you always looked at it oddly when it came up."
"Ah, well, that's because I wasn't sure how you'd take it. I like tinkering, you remember? So, I wasn't too fond of things that were meant to look real, but served no function. Recently, however, a few friends had me make things for them, and I've been making steampunk stuff for the past few weeks. See?" he said, opening his coat and showing all kinds of little gizmos and doodads and thingamajigs.
"Wow, you've really blossomed in this area. I know you used to not fit in well many places, but I think you may have found a calling for a hobby!"
And at that moment, like a wind blowing over a burnt out fire, breath washed over the embers and they rekindled an old friendship.


posted Jul 23, 2013, 2:20 PM by Nash Page

The phoenix hope, can wing her way through the desert skies,
and still defying fortune's spite; revive from ashes and rise.
- Miguel de Cervantes

Ash left work excitedly that Friday. She'd gotten out of her dreary day-job late that day; her boss whittling away at her last nerve and causing her to sit in her cubicle while the doldrums of bureaucracy stack endless amounts of red tape and paperwork between her and a quaint Exit sign.
"I need a new job," she said to herself, hearing thunder in the distance and walking to her carpool.
"Or maybe just a fun night on the town! How 'bout it?" said a close girlfriend from the car window. "Come on, I got you a new outfit and there's a new bar downtown."
Getting in and strapping herself to the seat, she mused on the idea briefly, "It is supposed to rain tonight...that sounds like a good release!"
"Awesome," her friend said, peeling away into city traffic. "You can change back at my apartment and we can walk there. It's not far."
"Deal," Ash said, closing her eyes and enjoying the feel of not having to drive.
"Here we are, hun," said her friend, shutting off the car and opening the door.
Ash yawned out, "Must have dozed off."
"For sure, come on, lez go!" Her friend, always the energetic one, was all but pulling her out of the car to get her moving.
"Fine, fine," she yawned out again as she allowed herself to be led up to her friend's apartment and all but pushed into the bathroom with a bag of new clothes.
Charcoal wool tight-fitted jeans, with a loose black top that she could adjust however she wanted it to fit. Loose shoulders allowed for a lot of movement and showed off all her curves in all the right places. A set of leather cuffs complimented the outfit, she put one high on her arm and one around her wrist.
"You are going to burn down the house with how hot you are in that, Ash," her friend said, sneaking in.
"Damnit, you, don't do that!" Ash said, shooting a glare over her shoulder.
"Pfft, like that's ever going to work, let's go! Get your gray butt in gear, I want to watch it move!" her friend said, pinching her butt to get her moving.
The storm hit about halfway through their walk to the club. Neither of them were wearing white, and Ash's outfit fared better than her friend's. The water just made the clingy parts cling more and the loose parts didn't change much.
Fenix. The new club was built in the remains of a 1950's diner, and had been redesigned with a semi-Goth club in mind. The sign out front had its name in big neon letters and a phoenix rising from the ground. Perfect.
The bouncer took a few long, hard looks at the girls and let them in with a lingering stare at their backsides.
"Well, at least he thinks we're cute," her friend said, giddily.
The bass hit Ash as soon as she walked through the lobby. Something struck a tone within her and her spirit opened fully to the pulse of life on the dance floor. "Let's rock this town," she said a fire burning behind her eyes.
Like a Phoenix rising, Ash revived from her week and rode the thrills of the night.

Congratulations! The website is finally up and edited!

posted Jul 15, 2013, 2:07 PM by Nash Page

After almost two weeks of technical issues, we finally found out that the issue was on the domain provider's end and not ours. Now you have our new and improved website to see everything we're working on. 

Please let me, know if there's anything else you'd like to see on our new site or site layout.

In the mean time, here's something fun I found on Tickld:

Werewolf, wherewolf, warewolf, awarewolf.

See you all around!

Freeze Blanket!

posted Jul 5, 2013, 8:19 AM by Nash Page

Our AC went out not too long ago, so Dara and I came up with a way to help us sleep. A blanket that COOLS YOU DOWN! Since she has had experience at making quilts, she basically made a padded blanket with pockets on the top. These hold a large number of frozen ice packs, and the padded blanket offers enough insulation to keep the frozen temperatures of the packs to a comfortable chill. It's perfect for when someone is overheating or after a long, hot workday. 

We also found out another benefit! The ice packs doubled as heat packs, so, for a non-electrical heated blanket, it only takes a couple minutes in a microwave, and you have a solution to frigid nights or cold flashes!

Dara also has allowed me to start promoting this as a product. We're going through the redesign phase right now, but we have started offering this wondrous contraption in her Etsy Store and might start a Kickstarter to see about turning this into a productive business idea!

Please, feel free to let me know what you think about this either through comments here or e-mail me at!

See you next time!

New Site!

posted Jul 2, 2013, 1:40 PM by Nash Page

Welcome to the new website!

After sitting down for a rather long time and staring at Dara's first hand at the Li Sashay site, I decided to take some time and try my hand at it. 

Yes, it's a little darker, but we have all the same information, and a few additions now and more coming soon!

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