• School For Strings, New York, NYLong term teacher training in cello pedagogy. Focus on individual and group instruction of beginner, intermediate and advanced students, using both Suzuki and standard cello repertoire.
  • Ithaca Talent EducationSuzuki training for pre-reading beginner students.
  • Central Pennsylvania Talent Education - Suzuki training for intermediate students.
  • Bank Street College - Early Childhood Education, Child development, Education.
  • Wesleyan University B.A. Magna Cum Lauda, English.


I teach a traditional practice routine of scales, sight reading, memorization and technical exercise. I host two recitals per school year, at which students perform solo and in small ensembles. I

 use standard cello repertoire with cello fiddling and duets added in for fun. My approach is nurturing and uses
 the positive teacher/student relationship to foster musical and personal growth. I encourage parent involv
ement at early stages to enable efficient practice. My professional career and background in education informs and enriches my understanding of students of all ages and their various learning styles. I have also benefited from assisting my daughter in her journey on the violin.