HumanDocs is a series of social-justice documentaries at Lipscomb University. The series emerged from the desire of the university's College of Arts and Sciences to develop students personally, encourage lifelong learning, and inspire service in a changing world. Within Lipscomb, the College nurtures creativity and educates all students to become valued for their character and critical thinking.

HumanDocs screens high-quality documentary films, encouraging discriminating appreciation of their artistry and thoughtful consideration of their issues. Informed by the conviction that faith means working for a more just, inclusive, and peaceful world, the series has these goals:
  • To encourage dialogue among students, faculty, and community members about pressing issues of social and economic justice and the environment;
  • To provide a forum for voices infrequently heard elsewhere or sometimes stifled by the dominant interests of society;
  • To build relationships between Lipscomb University and the diverse communities of Middle Tennessee;
  • To enhance the study of film and new media at Lipscomb.
HumanDocs proudly partners with ITVS Community Cinema, an education and engagement initiative featuring films from the PBS series Independent Lens, Nashville Film Festival, and others to make its thoughtfully selected documentaries available to university and Middle Tennessee viewers.

(Photo: Documentary greats Robert Flaherty and Joris Ivens with artist Hans Richter)