Welcome to Linn-Mar Technology Concepts

Each Iowa student must graduate with the 21st century skills necessary for a productive and satisfying life in a global knowledge-based environment. To ensure our Linn-Mar High School students acquire the necessary digital literacy skills, Linn-Mar is implementing the Internet and Computing Core Certification (IC³®) option available to all students.

Students who choose to participate in this innovative program will be tested in the following areas:
  • Computing Fundamentals
  • Key Applications
  • Living Online

Students who score below the specified level for proficiency will have the opportunity to attend content specific sessions. After attending sessions, students are allowed to retest. Students may attend sessions and retest as many times as needed to learn the content to the specified level of proficiency.

Students who score above the specified level of proficiency have the additional opportunity to test and receive Certification in each area. Students who certify in all three areas will be awarded the IC³® Certification which will be noted on their transcript and will be recognized by the Board of Education.

For more information you may contact the high school facilitator for IC³®
Dana Lampe