Linkky comes in a number of different flavors:

1.   Linkky Mobile:   Use Linkky as a proxy to download web pages, make them more suitable for a mobile device, and add relevant search hyperlinks.  What we call "Shrink and Link" (Currently offline)
2.   Linkky Widget:  Reads web pages, extracts relevant content, and then builds Site, Web and Wikipedia searchs that your users can use to navigate.  We'll be doing more over time to allow better access to that information
3.   Linkky Xtract:   Give us some text of a URL, and we'll try to find out what's relevant, and give you some basic scoring information. (Currently offline)

Linkky is based upon Natural Language Processing techniques to attempt to assess what is relevant in text, and weight it.  We try to leave the extraneous stuff behind, which is the "clever" part of what we do, or so we like to think

Follow the links below for more details on how to access and use the services, and please feel free to add your clarifications and comments.  We're just trialling the technology at the moment, and we're bound to make mistakes on the way!