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Week of 10/21/18

posted by Allison Lundquist

Last day to turn in any missing first-quarter assignments for any class is Friday 11/2/18. 

Academic English 1: 
Complete The Outsiders by reading Chapters 10-12 
Read current event article and debate self-defense law and the actions of Johnny and Pony in The Outsiders. 
Complete Commonly Confused Words Practice on No Red Ink.com
Commonly Confused Words Quiz on Friday 10/26 and Monday 10/29
Reading Questions over Chapters 5-9 of The Outsiders 

Advanced English II: 
Complete your selected novel by next week. 
Khan Academy practice Syntax: Sentences and Clauses 
Complete Language and Power activity and view TED Talk 
Analyze the role of rituals and ceremony in your reading and complete response questions. 

Writing/Reading Lab III: 
Read for 15 minutes each class period in your selected book. 
Complete all Khan Academy practices for Quarter 1
Submit final draft of personal narrative. 
Read and answer questions on Living with Disability Articles and connect to Gleason 

Week of 10/15/18

posted by Allison Lundquist

Academic English 1: 
Read The Outsiders Chapters 7-9 
Present "The History of Tuff" projects and complete Teen Life Reflection Questions. 
Analyze and discuss the poem "Nothing Gold Can Stay" 
No Red Ink.com commonly confused word practice 
Complete The Outsiders Character Chart in groups (each person will be individually assigned and graded on one column of the chart). 

Advanced English II: 
Discuss the first 200 pages of 1984, The Handmaid's Tale, and Brave New World 
Work on Theme Tracker Notes with your group 
Graffiti Project- Create a piece of protest art that could be found in the society you are reading about. 
Khan Academy Practice unit on Syntax: Sentences and Clauses 

Writing/Reading Lab III: 
Discuss Gleason or complete response questions if you were absent 
Complete Khan Academy Practices on Verbs, Modifiers, prepositions, and conjunctions 
Complete final copy of Personal Narrative 
Read articles and complete Living with Disability reading response questions and connect to Gleason
Select from Looking for Alaska, The Tragedy Papers, and The DIsreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks and read for 15 minutes each class period. 

Week of 10/9/18

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No School Monday! 

Academic English 1: 
Reading The Outsiders: Chapters 5-6 due Monday 10/15-Tuesday 10/16
Complete reading questions over The Outsiders Chapters 1-4 for homework, due Friday 10/12/18. 
Complete independent reading book mid-quarter check-in. 
Reflect and respond to key passages from The Outsiders. 
Complete "The History of Tuff" group research project and prepare to present to the class on Monday 10/15-Tuesday 10/16. 

Advanced English II: 
Read The Handmaid's Tale, Brave New World, and 1984 to pg. 143 for quiz on Friday. 
Read, annotate, and discuss a section from Thomas More's Utopia and discuss the history of utopian/dystopian literature. 
Add a vocabulary word to the class slideshow 

Writing/Reading Lab III: 
View part 2 of Gleason documentary 
Draft conference and revise your personal narrative based on "The Stranger In the Photo". 
The final draft should be completed by the end of next week. 

Week of 10/1/18

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Academic English 1: 
Complete the anticipation guide for The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton. 
Read The Outsiders Chapter 1-4, due October 10/9- 10/10 - Reading Schedule for Quarter 1 
Continue reading in your self-selected independent Reading Book due on 11/2/18 
Practice commonly confused words on No Red Ink.com 
Work on The History of "Tuff" Group Project- Present in class next week. 

Advanced English II: 
Reading in Brave New World, 1984, and The Handmaid's Tale - Reading Schedule for Quarter 1 
Review background knowledge about Sir Thomas More 
Read and annotate a section of More's Utopia in small groups and connect to your reading. 

Writing/Reading Lab III: 
Last day to turn in any work before progress reports. After progress reports, any missing assignments are now late and can only receive 70% credit. 
(Due to Ms. Lundquist by Tuesday, October 2, 2018 by the end of class) 
1. Intro Letter 
2. Khan Academy Noun Quiz (Parts of Speech: The noun)
3. Khan Academy Pronoun Quiz 1
4. Khan Academy Prounoun Quiz 2 (Parts of Speech: The Pronoun)
5. Stranger in the Photo Reading Response Questions. 
6. Photo Map 
7. Life by Lobster Questions parts 1-3

Work on rough draft of your personal narrative inspired by "Stranger in the Photo" using your photo map and graphic organizer. 
Complete a writing conference. 
View "Gleason" part 1 to connect to articles about Living with Disability. 

Enjoy your long weekend! 

Week of 9/24/18

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Academic English I: 
Read "Two Kinds" by Amy Tan and complete reading response questions. 
Elements of a Story Quiz on Wednesday (Blue) and Thursday (Red)

All late short story reading response questions are due by Friday 9/28 for credit. No late work from this unit will be accepted after Friday. Progress reports come out next week! 

Advanced English II: 
Read the first 30 pages of Brave New World, 1984, or the Handmaid's Tale and answer the introductory questions. 
Collect vocabulary from the first section of your reading. 
Progress reports come out next week! 

Complete Life by Lobster Response parts 1-3 
Complete Khan Academy Noun and Pronoun Quizzes. 
Complete the Stranger in the Photo Personal Narrative Rough Draft and Writing Conference. 

All late work from the first half of the quarter is due by Tuesday, October 2nd, before Progress Reports. 

Week of 9/17/18

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Academic English 1: 
Read Here There Be Tygers by Stephen King and answer the reading response questions. 
Take the Star Reading Test and reflect on your results. 
Read an excerpt from Ch. 14 of Empire Falls by Richard Russo and answer the reading response questions. 
Review the Elements of a story. 

Advanced English II: 
Read and respond to the article "Are Smartphones Destroying a Generation" and analyze the Pew Research Report on "Teens, Technology, and Friendship". 
Read Harrison Bergeron and correctly identify the elements of a dystopia for a quiz grade (take home, open book and notes). 

View Life By Lobster 
Work on Stranger in the Photo Personal Narratives
Khan Academy Noun and Pronoun Quizzes 

Week of 9/10/18

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Academic English 1: 
Complete and Present Elements of a Story group project (Presentations in class on Wednesday and Thursday). 
Select an independent reading novel for Quarter 1 with a coming of age theme. 
Read and discuss "The Bass, The River, and Sheila Mant" by W.D. Wetherell and answer reading response questions on Google Classroom. 

Advanced English II: 
Complete Fahrenheit 451 Summer Reading On-Demand Essay during AST if needed. 
Revise Summer Reading Book Review Assignment. Submit final copy on Google Classroom by Friday 9/14. 
Prepare for and participate in a socratic seminar discussion of Fahrenheit 451
Select your Literature Circle novel- 1984, Brave New World, or The Handmaid's Tale

Writing and Reading Lab III: 
Complete your Intro Letter/First Paper. 
Read and complete a reading response to "The Stranger in the Photo Is Me." 
Bring in a photograph of yourself or of an important object from your past to serve as the foundation for your personal narrative. 

Welcome Back to School!

posted Sep 4, 2018, 4:23 AM by Allison Lundquist

Week of 9/4/18- All Classes 
1. Syllabus Review. Please return signed syllabus by Friday 9/7/18. 
2. Getting to know you- Complete on paper or Google Classroom by Friday 9/7/18. 
3. Tell me a story- complete on paper or Google Classroom to share in class on Thursday 9/6 (Blue) or Friday 9/7 (Red). 

Advanced English II : 
See list above and add: 
1. Reading One Pager due on Friday 9/7/18. 
2. Fahrenheit 451 On Demand Essay to be completed in class on Friday 9/7. You may use your notes and book so come prepared. 

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