Choose ISO Easy to burn ISO image file into MicroSD card.
Plug the CardROM in, you will find a 「Neues」DVD ROM, there are 3 files, just run .exe file, then you can start to use ISO Easy program.
The ISO Easy program can let you choose an ISO image file, it will write the data into MicroSD card completely, and will recognize the MicroSD card as 
a DVD-ROM! (even in BIOS)
If CardROM is on read only status, when running ISO Easy will appear this message.
When you want to choose an ISO file, you can use menu 「File」and choose「Load ISO File」;If you want the MicroSD card of CardROM back to original, please select「Restore SD card size
Select an ISO image file from your hard disk.
After you select and ISO file, the screen will appear this.
Writing ISO image file into MicroSD card.
When finished writing, it will pop-up a message to ask you to compare data with your ISO file.
 The process of compare need 1~2 minutes.
The wrote data should be the same as your ISO file.
 When you finished all steps, it will appear this message for the rate speed of whiting.