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Withnell Commons Mural

Artist: The mural was open to anyone who wanted to paint for the Mural so there are several artists.

Idea: The idea came from a Sociology of Community class who were taught by Robert Gardner in Spring 2009. It originally started out as finding a place on campus that could be improved. A few students in the class came up with Withnell Commons. 

Why a mural: We wanted to make Withnell Commons have a more welcoming and friendly atmosphere so after gauging the opinions of the campus community the idea to paint a mural was formed. 

When was it made: The Mural started being created in early September of 2010. The actual completion of the project is unknown since it's unsure if the project is still ongoing.

If you would like more information about the mural, please contact Robert Garner at rgardne@linfield.edu.