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Artist: This sundial was designed by Linfield College's own Professor of Art, Nils Lou.

Why was it made: This sundial was made to commemorate and honor Winthrop "Win" Dolan who served Linfield College for well over 60 years in several different ways. Dolan was a Professor Emeritus of Mathematics, who also taught astronomy. He was acting President twice, Dean of Faculty three times, and served on the Board of Trustees.

Why a sundial: Winthrop Dolan was very fascinated with ways of measuring time without mechanics, in particular he enjoyed learning about sundials. He even wrote and published a book about sundials called A Choice of Sundials(1975).
Since he loved them so much it was decided that a sundial would be used to thank Dolan for all of his years of service to the college.

What is it made out of: It is made out of stainless steel and copper and was made in May 1992.

Interesting Facts about sundials: Sundials are very old instrument that are sometimes viewed as inaccurate when it comes to telling time. The world's largest sundial called Samrat Yantra is found in Jaipur, India and measures at a height of 27 meters. The Samrat Yantra is capable of telling the time accurate to about 2 seconds day or night. Our sundial is fairly accurate but relies upon sunlight to tell time.