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Senior Bench

Info: The Senior Bench is a tradition that has been around Linfield for well over 100 years and has been constantly changing. The bench was originally made of wood and used to have a rule that allowed only Seniors to sit on the bench. This naturally made it the subject of several pranks from lower classmates who would steal the bench and hide it around campus as a prank. 

When did it become a concrete bench: The Senior Bench became a concrete bench in 1913. However, the current bench is a rebuilt version of the one in 1913. The 1913 concrete bench was taken down sometime in the 1960's.

Why is it painted: Every year towards end of the spring semester the designs on the bench are covered up with white paint so that the seniors of that year can paint a design on it that represent their class.

Where did the idea of painting it come from: The idea of painting it came from younger classmate when the bench changed from wood into concrete. When the bench was changed to concrete it was very difficult to move, so the annual prank on the seniors of stealing the bench became obsolete. Instead underclassmen decided to paint very colorful designs on the bench as their prank on the seniors.

Rules: The rules of the bench were changed in the 1970's. Anyone is allowed to sit on the bench but only Senior are allowed to paint on it.

Interesting Facts: The bench was originally located underneath the Old Oak tree but was moved after the Old Oak fell on it. It sustained little damage even though it was pummeled into the ground by the force of the tree.