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Riley Center

Info: Riley center used to be and is sometimes still considered the college center. Named after President Leonard W. Riley who served as College President from 1901-1931, it was built in 1955 as an addition to Riley Gymnasium.

What did Riley use to be: Surprisingly enough Riley and Walker Hall used to be one building that housed the gymnasium, band practice room, post office, bowling alley, snack bar, etc.

What is Riley now
: Riley is now currently home to Linfield Bookstore, Jazzman's Cafe, ASLC Offices, Game Room, and Fred Meyer Lounge.

Why split Riley: Riley was split into two separate buildings in 1992 and renovated to make Walker and Riley Hall. This was primarily due to the completion of HHPA/Ted Wilson Gymnasium in 1989. Riley was no longer used as a gym so it was decided to remodel the buildings into new  buildings Riley and Walker.

Interesting Facts: When Walker and Riley were still one building the gym locker rooms were located where Walker is currently. Also the floor from the old basketball court is still being used today as the floor in the Fred Meyer Lounge.