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Eco-Roof Bike Shelter

Info: The eco-roof was one of the proposed projects that was suggested for Alternative Spring Break 2010 but the project was postponed until November 2010. It was part of students efforts to make Linfield more environmentally friendly and raise more awareness of hands-on service projects. The project was funded through Learn and Serve America, which is a branch of the Corporation of National Community Service and was completed with the help of students, faculty, Facility Services, and alumni.

What is an eco-roof: An eco-roof is a roof that is covered in vegetation and other layers such as waterproof membrane, soil, and a root barrier, etc. They can be found all over and are environmental sustainability efforts.

Benefits of an eco-roof: Eco-roofs have many benefits over normal roofs such as absorbing water, reducing air pollution, reducing heating/cooling, reducing sounds, and extending the life of the roof. In fact many cities encourage building eco-roofs specifically for the environmental benefits eco-roofs give.