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October Class Descriptions

October Class Descriptions

Linebaugh Library will offer the following free computer classes. All classes are on a first come, first served basis.  A sign-up sheet will be posted 30 minutes before class.

 Basic Computer Skills (2 hours) 

Gain an understanding of the basic parts of a computer---hardware, software, mouse skills, and basic computer terminology. 

 Introduction to the Internet/ Email Basics (2 hours)    

Introduction to the Web---setting up an email account, email skill and etiquette, sending & receiving attachments, search engines, & online safety.

 Introduction to Microsoft Word-Part 1 (3 hours) 

Introduction to word processing, basic tools of Word 2003---menus, toolbars, working with files and text.

 Microsoft Word-Part 2 (3 hours) 

Continuation of Microsoft Word Introduction class.  Review of basic skills and progression to additional advanced skills

 Introduction to Microsoft Excel-Part 1 (3 hours) 

Introduction to spreadsheet basics, basic tools of Excel 2003--- menus, toolbars, worksheet modification, formatting cells, formulas & functions.

 Microsoft Excel -Part 2 (3 hours) 

Continuation of Microsoft Excel Introduction class.  Review of basic skills and progression to additional advanced skills.

 Introduction to Microsoft Publisher (3 hours) 

Introduction to desk top publishing, basic tools of Publisher 2003. Learn how to use the program to create newsletters, flyers, brochures, & other popular items. 

 Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint (3 hours)   

Introduction to basic tools of PowerPoint 2003---working with slides, adding content, working with text, color schemes, graphics, slide effects & tips and techniques.

 Introduction to Microsoft Access (3 hours)

Introduction to database basics, basic tools of Access 2003--- menus, toolbars, tables, queries forms, reports & functions.

 Special Projects with MS Word (3 hours)

Find out there is more than writing with Microsoft  Word, enjoy learning how to do some special projects.

 Employment Workshop (2 hours)

This class covers basic computer skills, creating a resume and how to use your resume in a job interview.

 Basic Computer Skills for Seniors (2 hours)

Designed for Seniors who have no, or very little, computer knowledge.  Attendees will gain a basic understanding of the parts of a computer as well as basic mouse and computer skills.

 Introduction to Social Networking/Facebook, Twitter (3 hours)

Learn how to become part of the 2 most popular social networking sites.

 Resume Assistance (2 hours)

1 on 1 assistance in writing a new resume or revising a current one.

 Open Lab (2hours)

Have questions about, or problems with your computer/tablet/phone? Get answers.

 Demo of the Worlds Smallest Computer (1 hour)

See the world’s smallest computer, the Raspberry Pi.