Classroom Observations

Classroom observations are available for full time and adjunct instructors who request them. Classroom observations can be requested for a variety of reasons. Instructors requesting observation services should think careful about how this service can most benefit them. 

Requesting a Classroom Observation
To request a classroom observation, email Dr. Jeffrey Parsons at or call 270.250.9312. 

Classroom Observation Process
Classroom observations involve a four step process, as outlined below. 
  1. First, the instructor meets with the observer to establish goals for the course observation. Meetings can be conducted face-to-face, online, or by phone, depending on the availability of the observer and the needs of the instructor. 
  2. Second, classroom observation occurs. Observations are typically one hour in length. Observations are recorded unless otherwise requested by the instructor. In cases where there is significant distance between the observer and site for instruction, the instructor will record a segment of his or her class and provide it to the observer. 
  3. Third, the observer evaluates the recording, providing written notes based on the observation and any associated notes.
  4. Fourth, the observer provides the instructor with written feedback and processes the observation. Emphasis is placed on goals generated at the beginning of the process. 
Observations requested by an instructor are completely confidential. Details of all observations and feedback provided are limited to the instructor requesting the observation and the observer providing the feedback. Teaching and Technology Effectiveness maintains a record indicating that an observation was conducted, who conducted it, and who was observed. However, all records related to the observation process are transferred from Teaching and Technology Effectiveness to the instructor at the end of the observation process.