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Kitchen Waltz Business Card


Mama's menu






Organic Originals Chick

Organic Originals Cow

Organic Originals Turkey







 Downtown Alive: Mailer

 Proposed Redesign





Mailer & Outdoor Sign for 'The Event Home' Groundbreaking

Sponsored by the Lafayette Public Trust Financing Authority, UL Lafayette, Ragin' Cajun Facilities Inc and the Arceneaux Construction Group, LLC.


Kitchen Waltz:
Chef/Food Blogger
Business Card


Shark Ladies Cocktail Club Poster


 Mama's Place menu



CD:  '(the) Frames of Reference'




CD concept for the hip-hop group 'Atmosphere'




Self Promotional Poster:









Stationery Set for Bumblebee Records: Letterhead, envelope, mailing label and business card




Ad Campaign for the Organic Originals line.

"It's time to get to know your food."