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Wow! There are not many more gym days till the end of the school year. Students will first participate in a dribbling/bounce unit.  We will concentrate on the sport of basketball since most students associate dribble/bounce with basketball.  Kindergarten and 1st grade will mostly practice ball handling skills and bouncing skills.  (Parents, please take the time to play with your child.  Alternate bounce/dribble practice with you and your child) 1st-5th will begin to learn the many skills associated with basketball-ball handling, jump ball, passes, movement on the court with other teammates, and shooting. Next, we will move into a bowling unit followed by the Spring fitness testing.  Finally, we will start to develop some baseball/softball skills.


FITNESS TEST Post Test...Right after Spring Break:)

The FITNESSGRAM fitness test tests in four areas: (1) PACER for cardio-respiratory endurance, (2) sit and reach & trunk lift for flexibility, (3) pull ups for muscular strength, and (4) curl ups for muscular endurance.


Dress for Gym Class: SAFETY...SAFETY...SAFETY

For safety reasons...I am asking the students to come to P.E. class in comfy clothes (Girl’s try not to wear a skirt or dress on gym day) and sneakers that are safe for the feet. (Tie or Velcro is best) KINDERGARTEN PARENTS...please take the time to teach your child how to tie his/her sneakers - this would help me out a lot!.  Understanding how to tie their shoes is a life-skill and great for safety in the gym.  Hair below the shoulders MUST be put up.  NO JEWELERY

Please bring a water bottle for hydration. (Flavored waters, Poweraid or Gatoraid are NOT permitted in the gym) -Doctors note needed to bring these flavored drinks into the gym


Points will be taken away!

I have some shoes and socks that were donated by Linden Hill parents for students to borrow if they forget, but I would like them to bring their own.
4th & 5th graders should be more responsible about dress for gym. They are on a point system. Therefore if
  • No sneakers -5 points
  • No participation -15 points
  • Unsafe jewlery (necklaces) worn -5 points
  • Needed a hair tie for longer than shoulder hair -5 points
  • TIME-OUT -15 points

    K -3rd graders will receive O, S, G, N
    4th & 5th graders will receive A, B, C, D, F (class work, homework, projects/routines, and participation will factor into the students grade)

INJURIES    NEW...coming soon!  New injury policy for LH Physical Education

Dear Parent/Guardian:

Your child came to gym class today with cast/ace wrap/splint/crutches/stitches.

In order to participate in gym a note from your physician is needed. The note needs to state the nature of the injury, the exact length of time the child will miss, If child is able to participate/not in gym and recess, and limitations.

***If a note is not received, the child will sit out of gym class and only observe. Notes may be emailed or faxed (454-3549) to the attention of Ms. Cox, gym teacher or


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