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Welcome to the Linden Hill Library

The Linden Hill Library welcomes all students and parents. Students come to  the library once a week. Students learn a variety of things in library class.  All students at this time are checking out books. Students in grades K through 3 check out one book a week. Students in grades four and five may check out two books a week. The only stipulation for checking out two books is that one book must be a reading book. I consider Eye Spy, cookbooks, joke books, drawing books, world record books and magic eye books fun books. So if a student takes out this type of book the second book must be a reading/literature book or nonfiction reading type book.
Students may renew their book(s) for an additional week. World record books are not check out books this year. These books fall apart easily so this year they may be looked at in library class only. 
Students may also place a book on hold if the book they want is currently checked out to someone else. Some popular books like The Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Bone and Harry Potter may not be checked out two consecutive weeks and you can not check out two of these books in one week if you are a fifth or fourth grader. I try to be as fair as possible and allow all children to check out popular books, or new releases.
If a student forgets their library book on library day their book will be held until they return their library book. If students do not return their books on time this may be reflected on their library grade. Students who have overdue books at the end of the year will not be allowed to check out books until they have returned their late book or replace it with payment or a new book of the same title.You may reach me by phone or by emailing me.
Please tell me in the message line that you are a Linden Hill parent.

To locate books at Linden Hill Library you can go to the following link.
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Jan 3, 2013, 7:04 PM