Welcome to LNE H3
 Lincoln, Nebraska

The LincolNE Hash House Harriers is an adult social group
We meet twice a month to go for a run/walk/pub crawl 
searching for trail and beer.

We are non-competitive. 

Trails may go into the woods, cornfields, 
across creeks, over bridges, underground tunnels, 
on pavement, along railroad tracks, up & down hills/stairs, 
a bar or even through a shopping mall. 
Hashing has its own language and customs. 
There are no rules - just have a good time. 
If you've half a mind to join the hash, that's all you need

A Drinking Club with a Running* Problem.
*Some of us don't run...

Hash Motto:
To promote physical fitness among its members...
To get rid of weekend hangovers...
To acquire a good thirst and to satisfy it with beer...
To persuade the older members they are not as old as they feel

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Socials, Meetings & Birthdays

June Birthdays

Anal Ink    1
McNeedle in a Gaystack    6
Lost in Pi    9
Whack a Mole    10
Urine Sodomy    11
Four More Than You    17
Frozen Fish Dick    17
Moutha Stewart    18
Jack in the Boxx    21
Hot Sement    22
To Wong Foo    22
Finger Wave    23

Founded on October 12, 2001 by:
Pond Scum
Bronzz Bunzz

Web Mistress:
Once Over Easy





RED DRESS RUN Fundraiser

Date: Saturday, September 17 

Time: 10 am Check-in at the Tailgate Tent in the Haymarket Park parking, along North 4th Street, Lincoln, NE 68508 (Look for the Hash Flag) 

Hare's away: 10:30ish (HST) 

There will be Bloody Mary's and Mimosas to get the party started. Lunch will be provided on trail and dinner at ON-IN Husker Game Watch at the Tailgate Tent @ 2:30ish pm. 

$25 by Friday, September 16 (IN HAND to Bunzz) 
$30 for you late cummers on Saturday, September 17 (CASH ONLY) 
(Send payment to Barb Calder-Durbin, 5605 Guenevere Lane, Lincoln, NE  68512)

What you get: Some kind of swag item, hash tag, song tag, beer, food, Bloody Mary, beer, Mimosa, beer and more beer. 

Bring a chair to sit on. 

Fundraising proceeds will benefit the American Cancer Society and a charity of choice (TBA). 

There is parking in the field off of Sun Valley Blvd, west of Haymarket Park (Charleston St & Sun Valley Blvd, near Oak Lake Park), there is a fee to park there. 

Need crash space and more info? Contact Bronzz Bunzz at (402)617-0722 or email calderdurbin03@yahoo.com.