Community Service

LincolNE H3 is NOT JUST a
"Running Club with a Drinking Problem"
we are also a
"Running Club with a Volunteer Problem"
Below is a list of Community Service 
activities performed by LNE H3 hashers
  • Care Package For The Troops
  • UpDownTowners
  • American Legions Baseball
  • Junior Achievement
  • Lincoln Track Club Races 
  • Madd Dads
  • People City Mission/Stuff The Bus
  • Food Bank
  • Katrina Flood Relief
  • Hasher In Need Relief
  • DaVinci Easter Supper
  • Meals On Wheels
  • Relay For Life
  • Breast Cancer Walk
  • Adopt A Veteran
  • Day Care Story Time
  • Christmas Adopt-a-Family

LNE H3 In The News

Easter Newspaper Article         


                        Bronzz Bunzz & Lost in Pi's 10th Wedding Anniversary
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 LincolNE H3 Saves Christmas for Family

Season's  Greetings one and all from LNEH3!!

Well folks, it was that time of the year when we should be jolly. But that was almost not the case for a Lincoln/Eagle family: a New Job, New Residence and a Long Commute to work. All that meant was NO PRESENTS FOR 4 KIDS TO OPEN on CHRISTMAS DAY 2015.

BUT WAIT! It's LNEH3 and friends to the rescue! 

In less than 24 hours we were able to:

*Get a Huge Turkey - Thanx F'ing Deep Throat

*Buy Fixings for the Turkey - Thanx Bunzz & Campbell's Employees

*Provide Gift Cards and a Gift for a 15 yr old girl - Thanx Linda & Bunzz

*A Gift and Gift Cards for a 13 yr and 10 yr old - Thanx Pi, Bunzz & Linda

*4 Special Gifts for a 19 month old little boy - Thanx F'ing Deep Throat

Wouldn't you have loved to been a fly on the wall on Christmas Morning when the family opened their gifts from Santa? Neither kids nor parents knew what was in their gift packages. Only that it came from Santa. Yes, Mom & Dad each got a gift as well.

LNE H3 was glad they were able to provide the opportunity for this family to experience Christmas the way all kids should. Ah! The sounds of packaging being unwrapped. Can you hear it??

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

Bronzz Bunzz
Co-Founder LNEH3