Welcome to LNE H3
 Lincoln, Nebraska

The LincolNE Hash House Harriers is an adult social group
We meet twice a month to go for a run/walk/pub crawl 
searching for trail and beer.

We are non-competitive. 

Trails may go into the woods, cornfields, across creeks, over bridges, underground tunnels, on pavement, along railroad tracks, up & down hills/stairs, a bar or even through a shopping mall. 
Hashing has its own language and customs. 
There are no rules - just have a good time. 
If you've half a mind to join the hash, that's all you need

A Drinking Club with a Running* Problem.
*Some of us don't run...

Hash Motto:
To promote physical fitness among its members...
To get rid of weekend hangovers...
To acquire a good thirst and to satisfy it with beer...
To persuade the older members they are not as old as they feel

Next Trail


Saturday, August 13
3:30 pm

Socials, Meetings & Birthdays

August Birthdays

Once Over Easy    1
UPMS    19
Cold Front    21
Chap Dick    23

Founded on October 12, 2001 by:
Pond Scum
Bronzz Bunzz

Web Mistress:
Once Over Easy





Orange Dress Fundraiser

Date: Saturday, August 27

Time: TBA

Location: TBA

A good friend of Jailbait and Woody's was diagnosed with MS. He has two small children and is in need of some medical equipment. 

Instead of doing a Go Fund Me or the like, we decided to do an Orange Dress Hash/Fundraiser to try and raise a little money for him and his family. 

We are hoping that he can use the funds raised to purchase a scooter so that he is able to actively participate in activities with his family!! 

This will be held in Lincoln on 'O' Street. Details re: start time, other specifics and location TBA!!! 

Note: Bronzz Bunzz is working on finding some orange dresses that you may be able to purchase from her.

Contact: Bronzz Bunzz at (402) 617-0722 or email calderdurbin@yahoo.com


RED DRESS Fundraiser

Date: Saturday, September 17 

Time: 10 am Check-in at the Tailgate Tent in the Haymarket Park parking, along North 4th Street, Lincoln, NE 68508 (Look for the Hash Flag) 

Hare's away: 10:30ish (HST) 

There will be Bloody Mary's and Mimosas to get the party started. Lunch will be provided on trail and dinner at ON-IN Husker Game Watch at the Tailgate Tent @ 2:30ish pm. 

$25 by Friday, September 16 (IN HAND to Bunzz) 
$30 for you late cummers on Saturday, September 17 (CASH ONLY) 

What you get: Some kind of swag item, hash tag, song tag, beer, food, Bloody Mary, beer, Mimosa, beer and more beer. 

Bring a chair to sit on. 

Fundraising proceeds will benefit the American Cancer Society and a charity of choice (TBA). 

There is parking in the field off of Sun Valley Blvd, west of Haymarket Park (Charleston St & Sun Valley Blvd, near Oak Lake Park), there is a fee to park there. 

Need crash space and more info? Contact Bronzz Bunzz at (402)617-0722 or email calderdurbin03@yahoo.com.