Welcome.   Lincoln Academy is continually adjusting to all the technological changes. One of the most essential tools of the teacher website is to create a space for all our classroom documents and any other materials that may be of interest to sustain the class.  Hopefully this site will be an effective tool for both students and parents.  Other tools are Canvas where assignments are posted on a calendar and LA Google Docs (for current and archived documents that are not attached to the bottom of the class page).  You will see links to access documents to that space below and on the sidebar Navigation tool. The site is a work in progress, so please feel free to suggest or tutor me how best to utilize the space. I am also new to Canvas so please be patient

The most essential link is your class page Canvas homework calendar link, The calendar lists the homework the day it is due.  You will find the individual course links for each class when you go to the class page list on the left sidebar.  Please learn to depend on the calendar.  I have the daily assignment written on the white board, and I orally explain the assignment, but the link is useful for a reminder, for when you are sick, or if it just didn't get written down in the assignment notebook.