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Video Editing Tools


Students can use this online video editor to upload and edit videos. This easy to use tool makes it possible for anyone to create podcasts that are web ready. Possible classroom uses:

  • Classroom podcasts
  • Training Videos
  • Demonstrations
  • Instructions



Windows Movie Maker is a free download for all computers but if you have Windows 7 at home, it does not come pre-installed go to this link to download the latest version. This free video editor is a great way to become your own video producer.



Photostory 3.0 is another easy and free tool that allows students to bring still images to life.



This online tool allows you to download, save and convert youtube videos. This is an especially helpful tool to use when students/teachers want to use just a select portion of a video. The video can then be uploaded into a video editing program for further enhancement.



Often the digital cameras used to capture video are a .mov file. In order to use these video clips in some video editor programs you need to be able to convert the videos to a .avi file. The Rad Video Tools software makes this conversion easy.



This online tool allows users to download a youtube video as a .mp4 for viewing on their computer without internet or ads.