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Mulitmedia Presentation Tools


Students can now start and lead discussion groups on any selected topic. This easy to use website allows students to record their thoughts and then post them online to be shared and commented on by others. This provides a forum for students to connect with other students around the world. Students using this site can keep their talk groups private. Here are some ideas for using this web 2.0 tool.

  • Narrative Building – Start a story and ask others to add a sentence.
  • Discussion Points – Create questions and ask others to respond to it.
  • Dictation – A great way to get your limited writer to share their thoughts with others.



PowerPoint, only better! This web-based tool allows users to create presentations in a web-based environment. Students can embed videos into their presentation and then embed or email the final presentation. This is a great tool to use in conjunction with Google Sites so that the PowerPoint can move from isolated viewing in the classroom to sharing in a web environment.



Use this web tool to create interactive timelines.



This tool allows students to create an interactive web poster. Students can bring in resources from the web – video, music, links, and authentic resource images. Two important features is that it has the potential of providing a global audience and students can share comments on the glogs of others. Please click here for instructions on using glogster.



This is an interactive tool that uses various forms of multimedia. Students can locate authentic resources online and then share these with others.



This is an online program that allows students to create a private journal of thoughts. Students can add images and links that add to their reflections.
Create slideshow presentations that can be viewed online.