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Graphic Tools


Use this online graphic editing program to edit student pictures. There are many features available on the free program that allow students to enhance, crop, frame their images.



Students can create fun animated stories using toondoo.com. There are 1000’s of ready-made backgrounds and characters or let your artistic draw and upload their own graphics. Great ideas for this software:

  • Historical Interviews
  • Instructions
  • Sequence Activities
  • Teams can build a Graphic version of a shared novel



Use this tool to bring their work to life by creating animations. Students can use this engaging tool to act out a story plot or bring their tutorials to life. Once the student creates the video, the program then allows it to be saved and emailed to others for sharing. Other ideas for uses:

  • Vocabulary examples
  • Create conversation
  • Tell jokes
  • Demonstrate steps or concepts
  • Film Festival
Use this tool to convert a .pdf file to a .jpg file with just a few simple clicks.