IETC Review

December 16:   Early Dismissal Workshop
Literacy Through Technology and IETC Highlights for LESD #27 Staff 
This workshop will take some of the "top" ideas from the Illinois Technology Education Conference (IETC) and demonstrate how the tech tools can be used to reinforce literacy in the classroom. Participants will have an opportunity to see how various tech tools that are free for all users can be used to teach/ reinforce an entire unit. During this workshop, participants will be introduced to the following tech tools: Google Docs,,, Many Eyes,, loc.goc,, Google Books,,, and
At the end of the workshop, teachers will be asked to complete a short 5 question survey that will allow District #27 to begin planning the 2010 Spring Technology Workshops. In the Spring, the tech tools that generate the most interest will be taught in detail.


     IETC Conference Notes and 2010 Spring Workshop Ideas-

Spring 2010 Workshop Ideas