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Here's what I suggest be done on Day One:
  1. Discuss the activity and review the requirements using a sample glogster
  2. Watch the tutorial on using Glogster - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HoryMsqH4EY&feature=feedu
  3. Give each student their nickname and password for edu.glogster.com
  4. Have them write their username and password on the inside of their agenda or a Language Arts folder
  5. Have students go the website - edu.glogster.com
  6. Click on Login
  7. Type the nickname and password that they were assigned
  8. Click on Login
  9. Edit their Profile
  10. Work on deleting all unwanted elements from their glogster
  11. Select backgrounds
  12. Save and Publish the glog before leaving for the day

Suggestions for the Remainder of the Week:
Day Two - Textboxes
Day Three - Images and Video Clip
Day Four - Sounds and Other Details
Day Five - Share and Comment