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Students worked in groups to create Claymation videos that show the various processes that occur within cells: mitosis, meiosis, endocytosis, and exocyotosis.

YouTube Video


Links and Resources we will use to teach Claymation and MovieMaker to the students:
Stop Motion Anime Steps
Claymation Steps

Claymation Steps

Storyboard Template and Steps

MovieMaker Steps and Tutorials


Written Steps for Creating Animation Using MovieMaker




Video Tutorial for Creating Animation Using MovieMaker



Other MovieMaker Steps


Claymation Video - Lesson Plan

Day 1:
  • Watch a Claymation Video to see what Claymation is
  • Watch a tutorial on the steps to making a claymation video
  • Have students get in groups and start working on the Storyboard (scenes they will need to film)

Day 2:
  • Complete the Storyboard
  • Begin designing their clay characters, props and backgrounds (Simple is best!)
Day 3:
  • Set up the stage - Background, Characters, Netbook or laptop with web-cam
  • Begin filming all stages

Day 4:
  • Show 2 video tutorials on creating a Claymation video using MovieMaker
  • Have students discuss which video provides the best steps to follow
  • As a group, use what they learned from the video to write their own MovieMaker instructions
  • Instructions should look something like this: Set up timing first, Add images to timeline, Add Titles (Intro, Stages, Credits), Add some narration, Save Movie, Finish Movie and details on how to do each step.
  • Begin setting up video using MovieMaker
  • Save video

Day 5:
  • Finish video - add titles, narration, background music, Title and Creadits page

Day 6:
  • Have groups show their final videos
  • Other groups should watch the video and determine if all stages of the reproduction type were clearly evident in the video. If not, they should be able to identify which stage was missing.