This site is simply put in place to allow parents and students easy access various resources for the Taft 7-12 music department.

Band/Choir Contract Link (Sorry, the link is broke, please use paper contract).

Student access email with LCSD

Below is how you determin your username and password. Look at the example carefully and notice which letters are capatalized or not.
  • Username = (last two digits of the year graduating)(first 5 letters of last name)(First letter of first name)@lincoln.k12.or.us (if you last name has less than 5 letters, it's ok)

  • Password = (First letter of first name)(First letter of last name)(ID number)
All caps are in bold, everything else is lower case.

Example: John Doe, school ID# 123456, graduating 2021
Username: 21DoeJ@lincoln.k12.or.us
Password: Jd123456

Google Classroom

Google Classroom require the use of LCSD student email address.
Google Classroom Class Codes

To join a google classroom, you will need the proper code. Below is a list of the codes for each class.

  • Beginning Band = 1f9pk6
  • Intermediate Band = hncwx4
  • Advanced Band = 8kyitpr
  • Symphonic Band = 4lu8fs
  • Jazz Band = n2o4g2
  • MS Choir = smms4h
  • HS Choir = 311fl9