Mr. Christiansen was born, he lives, and eventually he will die. He battled terrorists and flew a desk in the Air Force for four years before deciding that he wanted to teach English in a small town in the Rocky Mountains. He has an English degree from Brigham Young University and a Master of Education from Montana State University (the Bozeman one). He is married with four children, prefers orange juice over apple juice and black licorice over red, and spends his summers writing for hours on end. He firmly believes that one day the Utah Jazz will conquer the world and that people will eventually drive vegetables to work rather than automobiles. 

8:03-9:03 Senior English
9:07-10:07 Prep Period
10:11-10:21 Advisory Meeting (8th Grade)
10:25-11:25 Spanish 2,3&4
11:29-12:29 Spanish 1&2
12:29-12:59 Lunch
1:02-2:02 Freshman English
2:06-3:06 Junior High Spanish
3:10-4:10 M/W Yearbook
               T/TH Media Communications

The yearbook will again be seeking sponsors for this year. Business card size yearbook ads are $15. There is also a quarter page option for $30. 

We will be pushing an early bird yearbook sale. Pre-orders placed before Sep 27 will get an extra $5 discount ($25 instead of $30)! To pre-order see Mr. Christiansen or fill out a pre-order form at the main office of the school.

The school has created a standardized writing format for all research papers and essays called the Lincoln Public Schools Writing Guide. A link to the document is available in both the Freshman and Senior English Document links.