Mrs. B.'s "Spot of English T" (T=Technology)



in Mrs. Brady's ROOM....
        My schedule this year looks like
1st Period                 JUNIOR Prep
2nd Period               Junior English
Advisory Period:   Juniors 
3rd Period                Junior High English 7th and 8th grade
4th Period                GEAR UP Recordkeeping
5th Period                PLANNING
6th Period                Sophomore English
7th Period                M/W - Advanced Literature -or-  T/TH - Adv.  Creative Writing
 As of March 6th, 2014...students are:

   *Juniors are exploring how to take the ACT.

    *Also...the Juniors are finishing To Kill a Mockingbird and preparing their group and individual projects.  They will be         cooking Southern cuisine and watching the old black and white movie of TKAM starring Gregory Peck in the weeks to         come. 

    *JH students are working on their god/goddess projects and waiting to view the movie The Adventures of Odysseus.
    *Sophomores are working on their small group projects for Tom Sawyer.

~ EF Tour to Britannia Summer 2011 ~


                            Wait until you hear what students had to say...

                 Blarney Castle, Ireland Summer 2011

                                      On the road to the Ring of Kerry

 Below is a work in progress, as I corner students and ask them to share their thoughts and feelings about our recent summer trip to Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Great Britain.  Keep coming back for more updates.  

            EF Touring Group from Montana.  Four adults, nine students
            and our lovable bus driver, Greg.

Fun Facts

What does each of the four leaves on a shamrock represent?
A pesty leprechaun ran off with the on the look out for it  somewhere on this webpage.

Who introduced the shamrock to Ireland back in 433 AD?
Share the answer with Mrs. B and she'll reward you with something sweeter than "homefun!"  Whoop...whoop!

Bravest person on our trip goes to Karissa's Grandpa Charlie McCarthy who ordered haggis on his own accord and proceeded to eat it.  Now, that is BRAVE!  He made lamb meatballs look like a walk through the candy shop!  If you don't know about the Scottish delight of haggis , explore my website to find the recipe.  It's here somewhere...