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Search Request Details

Send a request via HTTP POST to search for car services.

 Entry pointMethod Description
 /v1/biz/search.jsonPOST Search for suitable car services with results returned as JSON 
 /v1/biz/search.xmlPOST Search for suitable car services with results returned as XML 

  • Identical searches are cached on our servers for 3 minutes. For best performance, you should implement caching on your side and make sure your application does not send unnecessary requests. For example when a user sees search results, clicks on details for a result, then clicks their back button in quick succession, your application should not perform a new search. 

  • Parameters with ‘Y’ in the first column are mandatory. Requests that omit any mandatory parameters will return an error.
  • Optional parameters are marked with an ‘N’ or ‘S’ in the first column.
  • ‘S’ fields are special and if provided, the field is stored and automatically recalled when a reservation is booked. Use the ‘S’ fields to store the origin and destination addresses and other notations such as the flight number
  • Fields Marked with F are Future features that are not intended for the initial release

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