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Teacher Appreciation Lunch Sponsored

Mexican Lunch for LBC Teachers & Staff

Sponsored by the 5th Grade Parents

Friday, September 30th


Dear Parents,

Once a month, volunteers provide lunch for Lily B. Clayton staff members to show how much we appreciate all their hard work. On Friday, September 30th, the fifth grade will sponsor a Mexican-themed lunch. It's your last time as 5th grade Lily Bees to feed your teachers!

Parents are invited to sign up for a dish or item and bring it to the Teacher’s Lounge by 10:00 AM on the 30th. To volunteer, please do one of the following:

Be sure and note the number of servings indicated… we don’t want to run out of food for our hard working teachers and staff.

Thank you!
Jennifer Ledbetter (jenniferbledbetter@yahoo.com; 817-845-7260)