FREE YOURSELF of Parasitic Spirits, Thought-forms and Curses

Dark energies and malevolent spirits can attach to you or hide inside your body and drain you of your life force.  These are called "spirit attachments".  Anytime you visit hospitals, health clinics, cemeteries, shopping malls, or various public places, you can be vulnerable to spirit attachments.

Spirit attachments may cause illness or deteriorating health, sleepless nights or restless sleep patterns. Misfortunes, mishaps and accidents may also be a result of malicious spirits attacks.

Discovery Method

Most discovery methods require keen psychic abilities. However, this simple test will help you detect if you have parasitic spirit entities and it requires no psychic abilities:

Step 1: Put your palms together facing you.

Step 2: Make sure the 2 lines of your pinky fingers meet and align like the blue and yellow lines in the photo.

Step 3: Check whether or not your palm lines meet and line up like the red line in the photo. If they do not, you have a parasite. (If the left line is higher, you have a spirit attachment. If the right line is higher, you have a parasitic thought-form or a curse).

Parasitic spirits, thought-forms and curses
can be removed!

Spirit Removal (or deposession) is the psychic martial art of freeing a person of spirit attachments, malicious thought-forms and malevolent curses.  It requires advanced psychic abilities and occult mastery in order to be successful.

If you are afflicted with parasitic spirits and thought-forms, first try to FREE YOURSELF by reciting 3 times any one or all of the prayers below, then check your hands again using the discovery method above. If prayers don't solve your affliction, then you need to see a professional or specialist trained in Spirit Removal. Refer to the list in the right column for specialists who may be able to help you.

Prayer from the Akashic Records

If there is anyone or anything that has hurt me in the past, knowingly or unknowingly, I forgive and release it. If I have hurt anyone or anything in the past, knowingly or unknowingly, I forgive and release it.
Father/Mother/God, we ask that this entity, soul or thought-form be sent on its spiritual evolution for the highest good and mutual benefit of everyone concerned.

Prayer to Release Parasitic Forces and Entities

From the Divine Love that flows through my Being, whatever is in my auric field, which is interfering with my Free Will Choice, whether it is here with or without my permission, I now command, in the name of the Creator, and from the Divine Love that flows through my being in Love and Peace, that it now go to the nucleus of its being. Go in Peace. So be it.

Prayer to Archangel Micheal and Elohim

Archangel Michael, please bring down the tunnel of Light.  Ariel, Azrael, and Aru-Kiri, please assist.
I break any and all agreements or contracts, both conscious and unconscious, that I have made, anyone in my body has made, or anyone in my genetic lineage has made, with any astral entities, thought-forms, demons, dark forces, elementals, aliens or boogies.  Please go into the tunnel of light now, we will take you home.

[When you feel lighter, say:]  Michael, please remove all astral parasites, bring the tunnel of light to the 5th dimension, please assist Grace and Purity Elohim, please assist circle security, please seal the space and hold my field in integrity.

[Then when you feel lighter, say:]  Grace Elohim, please move through my body and fields and release any residual energy left of parasites, after which, Purity Elohim, please seal my body and fields.  Thank you for your assistance, Michael.  Please roll up the tunnel of light.

[Then when you feel lighter, say:]  Grace Elohim, please move through my body and fields and release any residual energy left of parasites, after which, Purity Elohim, please seal my body and fields.  Thank you for your assistance, Michael.  Please roll up the tunnel of light.

Prayer to Clear Malevolent Energies and Entities

I call upon the powerful Guardians and Beings of cleansing White-Light Energy of blinding and unbinding proportions to clear out any and all dark and malevolent forces.

I Breathe IN the energy of ArchAngels Micheal and Gabriel, and call forth the Divine Energy of Metatron, the supreme voice of the Source Creator.

I sound the sacred sound of “AaaaaaaaaaOhhhhhhhhMmmmmmmm” from the center of the heart space, and call in the energies of the Master Teachers Yeshua, the Christed One and The Buddha, the Awakened One. I also call forth the Divine healing energies of the Divine Mothers Mary, the Virgin; Magdeline, the Vessel; Quan Yin, the Diviner; and Isis, the Revealer.

I Breathe IN the Cosmic Energies of the Divine Mother Earth and the Source Father Sun; Sister Moon; The Seven Sister energies of Pleiadian Love and Andromedian Compassion; and the Sirian Wisdom Teachers, The Adamehs.

And I also call forth the great and benevolent Ancestors, sentient and non-sentient alike who walk among us and serve as guides and bridges between us and other worlds.

I Breathe OUT these energies and allow them to clear the conflicts of the thinking mind. I call these energies forth to help clear the inner spaces of the human heart and mind. I allow my LightBody to be more fully and deeply activated. I keep breathing. I surrender to the willingness to go deeper and wider on this journey towards karmic cleansing and soul-level healing. I clear out the old karmic patterns of the ego which relies on fear, judgment and separation.

The more I let go of the darkness, the more Light I let in to help me see, understand and walk my Higher Path and fulfill my ultimate Life Purpose.

St. Michael's Prayer for Deliverance and Shielding

O, Saint Michael, 
Defend us in battle, 
Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil. 
May God rebuke him, we humbly pray, 
And do Thou, Prince of the Heavenly Hosts, 
Through the power of God, 
Cast down into Hell Satan, 
And all evil spirits who prowl the Earth, 
Seeking the ruin of souls.

The Lily Activation fortifies your energy field, making it impenetrable to many parasitic spirits and negative thought-forms.

Spirit Removal S

Specialists who perform Spirit Removal work are a valiant but rare breed. To address this scarcity, we provide a list of specialists below for those who might need their assistance. Professional fees may apply. Spirit Removal specialists work under dangerous conditions, risking their own safety and lives in order to arrest the malevolent and diabolical forces that threaten people. For this reason, please respect their professional fees. 

This list is for informational use only. It is being provided as a service, not as an endorsement.

Bert Martinez USA

Jed Schlackman USA 
+1 (305) 259-0013  

Janet Parker MA, LMHC, CBI  
+1 (305) 643-0144  

Mercy Martinez, CHt  
+1 (305) 542-5748  

Francis Gaw  
+63 (2) 404-1563  

Fr. Jun Padua  
(Catholic Priest)
+63 (927) 428-4080

Bro. Mike Villena  
+63 (916) 264-3578