Virtual Classroom


We have designed this page to be a guided tour of the website. Information about The Lily and Beyond is dispensed in modules for you to imbibe in short time intervals, at your own pace.  Remember to bookmark this page so that you can come back to it for future reference.

IMPORTANT: a Lily is empowered to stay in very high intuitional and causal planes of consciousness safely, yet he can fall from this summit due to old, limiting mental habits, giving rise to an emotional roller coaster. See How To Prevent the Roller Coaster 

The Lily Network

We hope you will accept our invitation to join the Lily Network, where you can meet Lilies and "spring flowers" (i.e., non-Lilies), and participate with them in discussion forums. You do not have to be a Lily to join.

As a member, you can: (1) invite friends and family to join, (2) regulate your SETTINGS to control the e-mail you receive from the network, and (3) post events in which you are a speaker, presenter, organizer or host/hostess. 

May we recommend starting with these forums in the Lily Network:

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