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Journal to Change YOUR Life: Is looking for Journal Donations to give away to women, men, and children who need a jump start on a new life. The goal started out in 2011, my intention was to collect 2011 journals in the year, 2011 and then give them away. Well, that has now continued on because I did not reach my goal, however that is no reason to stop collecting and donating. So, this year I am continuing on with the project. The purpose is to encourage people to spread their wings, give voice to what is inside of them, and inspire them to tell their stories. I'm here to assist others in manifesting a rich and meaningful life through the art of journaling. Won't you help? Please copy & paste to your page, share idea's how to create this dream, and donate a journal or more. Send email to the following address for info on mailing of journals :

 Twenty years ago, when I started journaling it was my life line. Crippled with fear and driven with the desire to change I used my journal to catapult myself into a whole new life. My journal was my best friend, my confidant, a safe haven for me to release. In lonely and trying times, I retreated to my room to write myself through the darkness.  In that process, I eventually wrote myself right into the light. It took a lot of discipline, conviction, courage, and strength. What was once only a voice amongst pages is now a voice for others. Won't you help me to give this gift to others?

 My heart and soul wants to thank your for your kindness and generous gift.

 See article: facebook...or email   Thank you for your contributions. Blessings 

For a list of names, number of journals, and whom we are donating to please go to  Donation Journal Project page. Is your organization in need...know anyone who could benefit, if so please notify by email. Thank you.

Wellness & Creativity

Journal To Change YOUR Life: Write Yourself Well

This Above All: To Thine Own Self Be True_ William Shakespeare

This type of journal writing takes one beyond daily reflections. This creative process will allow you to express yourself in ways that help break through barriers. You will rise to challenges that may occur in your everyday life. Things will begin to look and feel differently as you make the shift. The lens you view with will take on a new perspective. This body of works keeps you grounded and fosters your unique potential. The focus is inner-development that supports your true self. Utilizing the process of journal writing opens us to heal, grow and change, heighten awareness, fuels creativity, and supports endeavors while increasing self-esteem. This style of journal writing will take you beyond your wildest imagination. The process encourages, motivates, evokes, and inspires growth and potential and I am here to assist you in that process.


Everything you need to be a journal writer is inside of you. Journal writing is like an x-ray that reveals what is below the surface. Once you get the picture, you can become your own physician, metaphorically speaking. This kind of examination allows you to treat yourself. You will be able to ultimately diagnosis yourself. The prescription (script) you write will allow you to create positive changes in your life. YOU are the great physician.  Self-development is an ongoing process. This type of work will lead you to a more meaningful and fulfilling life. Imagine creating more abundance, beauty, creativity, expansion, kindness, love, and receptivity in your life. Reflective writing has numerous benefits.

Some benefits:

  1. Define & Implement Changes
  2. Deal with Creative Blocks
  3. Enhance Growth and Development
  4. Intuition & Self-Expression
  5. Enrich Relationships (self & others)
  6. Sort Something Significant Out
  7. Make More Conscious Decisions
  8. Problem Solve
  9. Stress Reduction
  10. Create Artistic Works
  11. Increase Self-Esteem
  12. Chronicles Events & Memories

Some famous Journal Writers: Anne Frank, Lewis Carroll (Alice in Wonderland), Virgina Woolf, George Washington, and most of our Presidents.